Daily Archives: April 7, 2014

Monday Bae: Chet Faker

Got the easiest position to destroy my life. All you have to do is arrive.

DAMN, Monday, jeez, wow, wide eye emoji. Perhaps this lyric isn’t directed at Monday specifically but w o w.

As most discoveries come about, walking through Bedstuy with my headphones on letting my Soundcloud stream aimlessly, I hear Chet Faker’s hoarse voice and tortured lyrics. Obviously the song is called MELT, perhaps my favorite adjective to describe my favorite music. Melt should honestly be the name of a genre at this point, in my opinion. Lately I have been more prone to the ladies of the Melt genre (I am really moving forward with this), which makes sense that Kilo Kish is on the track and my subsequent discovery came from her sharing it.

Chet Faker, the Australian electronic musician is not particularly new to the game. He also has work under his real name Nick Murphy. Regardless, you must give the boy a full  listen especially with his debut album on Downtown Records set to released this morning. You can catch it on iTunes radio. Below are some of my favorites from his catalog and I am really looking forward to his new stuff.

HE COVEREDNO DIGGITY, HELLO. Soulfully and from 2011. Rightfully disappointed in myself for not knowing about this but I was on a different planet in 2011, so… here.

And he minor edits one of my favorite instrumentals, North, originally from Pheonix.

I can finally give Days In The East a break. Also, he’s playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg the week after my birthday, May 17. Who’s down?

xo Rae