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kitty cash

Bae of the Day: Kitty Cash

I’ve mentioned her a couple times. She played at both the Converse Rubber Tracks x Fader event and the #NokiaFW party where her bestie, Kilo Kish performed however, I first came across her when SSENSE featured a mix she put together for them. At the time, it was easily the best I’d heard in months making my heart skip literal beats. Honestly, I just tried to select a few tracks to highlight, can’t do it. The entire thing is good.

After her catching her live a few times and getting through her Soundcloud, it became pretty apparent that she will continue to have my full support. First, her debut mixtape, Love the Free was featured by Vogue, no big deal. At this point I went ahead and followed her on Twitter. Although she seems to play it safe, understandably as in addition to DJing and all the gigs that come with that job, she also is a fashion publicist for G-Star, I caught her mid-rant one day. In addition to her music and her hustle, I dig her attitude too after seeing her tweet “Cool doesn’t pay the bills”, and sharing the similar thoughts on some of the social media famous, “but… what do you DO?”

Finally, the reason you’re hearing about her today, her I AM WOMAN mix, featuring CLASSIC Mary J and Janet Jackson as well as an Eartha Kitt segment I very personally identify with. It was released on Buzzfeed yesterday along with her below statement on Woman’s History Month.

“To me, celebrating Women’s History Month was more about honoring the woman that I am becoming and paying homage to the women of influence. In order to do that, I had to dig into what embodied the women I have aspired to be and the reasoning behind that.I wanted to highlight songs that took me through a specific journey of my womanhood, whilst challenging and bringing awareness to a few ideas that women, including myself, are constantly faced with such as: compromise, sexism, sexuality, vulnerability power, perception and success.Through this mix, the aforementioned concepts are intertwined through the lyrics and conversations of all of these trailblazing artists.” – Kitty CashReleased exclusively via BuzzFeed”

I mean, in the famous words of another Brooklyn native, what more can I say?

xo Rae