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dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater

Sweater Weather

Although, it actually snowed last night, this is the end. The end of 7 layers of clothing, the end of numb toes, for the love of everything right in the world they’re telling me this is the end of rivaling Snow White’s skin tone. Dear winter, BYE FELICIA.

But hello, afternoon sun heating up the room, you feel so right. This may be a little premature in light of last night, but last weekend and presumably this upcoming weekend will warrant outfits with a sweater and a light jacket or perhaps more skin than just your wrists.

Sweaters, jackets and boots were my top three most missed items while living in Miami. I am however, BEYOND over the heavy sweaters of January and cannot wait for the lighter, less conventional sweaters of spring, summer evenings and fall. Namely, this Dolce Vita crop.

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 2

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 3

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 4
I picked it up at Nordstrom’s Rack in Union Square for $29 from $178. I’ve paired it with Cheap Monday, acid wash jeans here but also plan to wear it over dresses or button ups until the the weather allows for otherwise.

xo Rae