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Bae of the Day: Rainy Milo

In her first official video for Rats, on her recently released debut album, baby girl’s got black hi top chucks and gold hoop earrings. If you knew me before the age of 22, you know what it is.

I found Rainy Milo, the south London born 18 year old (!!!), on a Kitty Cash mix for SSENSE and I definitely believe she is an artist you’ll want to get familiar with.

Below, I put together my favorite tracks from her Soundcloud. Originally from her earlier EP, Limey, Rainy sounds very ride or die on the title track of her Virgin EMI debut album, This Thing of Ours, as she’s calling out on the hook, “she held the grounds for you and you didn’t know what to do.” Vocally she sounds almost as sweet as Corrine Bailey Rae on Deal Me Briefly but lyrically, Rainy has a little more sass. And last, on Bout You you definitely can hear what she attributes her influences to, jazz and hip hop.

Image stolen from her tumblr, rainymilo.tumblr.com.

xo Rae