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My Favorite NY Based Twitters

Recently, I’ve found myself converting (or forcing) friends into Twitter users. My pitch usually includes points like you don’t need to tweet to be on Twitter and to use it as a tool. I can’t understand why people don’t use it honestly. It’s just efficient. Everything I love or support or want to read about is in one place. I’ve even gone as far as to curate new users accounts by selecting who to follow based on what I know about them. In doing so, I thought it would be useful to share a selection of NY based tweeters that I love and/or regularly recommend and why.

@gothamist – Hands down my favorite source for weather updates. They should really consider partnering with the Authentic Weather app. But really, they’re managing editor is selective and on point. It’s a perfect mix of news, bizarre stories (without making NY sound like Florida), occasional, very relevant lists and interactive maps.

@NYTimes – For obvious reasons, it’s The Times, act like an adult for once. But lately I am secretly really digging the Haikus.

@NYTminuscontext – Genius selection of statements pulled verbatim from the NYT. Makes me want to take everything out of context always.

@NYNightlife – OG anonymous Twitter account. I love everything about this. There’s solid content created and shared, exceptional event info, real time, late night updates, expert social conversation initiation and a very reasonable and refreshing attitude surrounding all things nightlife.

@40oz_Van – Although there’s excessive amounts of barely clothed, attractive, curvy, desperate for attention women (which is much more a judgement of the women than him – what do you ladies do all day in addition to perfecting the anonymous selfie game?), I have undeniable respect for entrepreneurs that remain explicitly true to themselves and a man that is anti-thigh gap. He also kills tweets in like 90 characters or less.

@TheFader – Easily my favorite source for music and the lifestyle.

@NYCTSubwayScoop – Number one life hack and transit holy grail, live subway service updates. Go follow now.

@NYMag – For me, NYMag and the Gothamist are an essential duo for New York Twitterers. Miraculously they do not have identical content. NYMag also has a very healthy variety and definitely covers more fashion, media and entertainment news.

@InfiniteLegroom – Launched by DJ/producer/record label owner/ fellow Brooklyn resident, Atrak, the travel content site Infinite Legroom is just over a year old. They offer info on everything from where to get the best cup of coffee domestically and detrimental SXSW parties to the best (as if it really makes a difference) tropical remote islands to relax on. With constant features from popular hospitality brands or fellow industry friends’ tips, I honestly use it to flex in front of my well traveled friends. “Oh, you should totally check out Infinite Legroom before that work trip to Morocco you have coming up at the end of the month.” – never fails.

@Brokelyn - All things cheap and Brooklyn, my favorite takeaways from Brokelyn are the featured events, gigs, real estate and rentals highlights and New York news. Very essential.

If you don’t have an account, don’t want one or let your existing timeline go unread, get in touch with me, contactRaeWitte (at) gmail dot com. I promise I can make it useful for you. Get involved and stop walking around uninformed.

xo Rae