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Champagne and Blind Trust

On arguably the most lovely day in recent weeks, I was texting my fellow Miami to New York transplant trying to fulfill the need to do something (ANYTHING) with the pure perfection that was Saturday. She sent a screen shot of an email and explained, “I think they’re having a sale and serving champagne and someone is speaking. I am going to RSVP for us.” Sale. Champagne. Perfect Saturday. YES. I am truly grateful to have girlfriends I blindly trust for weekend afternoon adventures.

We took our sweet time to enjoy the weather, walk, catch up and look further into The Little Black Box‘s, Let’s Talk About Sex, private shopping event featuring Ampere lingerie and sex educator and writer, Kate McCombs. Upon arrival, a group of impressive female entrepreneurs, owners of both Ampere lingerie and The Little Black Box, greeted us. Ampere’s philosophy is based on a customized shopping experience boasting an unheard of range of sizes. Co-founder and Harvard Law grad (who was recently featured in Forbes, smart babe) Jaibei Chen told my girlfriend and I about their beautiful 100% silk lingerie and discussed their recent successful kickstarter campaign. Another articulate and stunning young woman,¬†Natalie, one of LBB’s founders, schooled us on their company, the products they carry and their line of intimate accessories (READ: classy sex toys). Talk about whole in the market. How trashy are most “sex shops” and how disheartening has the sex toy party realistically become? It’s like middle America got a stack of Cosmos and cracked a hard cover edition of 50 Shades of Gray while simultaneously watching through every season of SATC. Just shoot me. My Human Sex class in college for my Health Ed minor offered hosting a party and writing about it AS AN ASSIGNMENT, a solid indication of becoming… outdated, minimally.

Natalie, the girls of LBB and Ampere get it. Take your pleasure seriously, drop all the smutty lingo and put it in impeccable, discreet, very sexy packaging. One of their products is rechargeable on any USB port (MIND BLOWN). It’s 2014 and there’s a new breed of women out here. Finally, these ladies brought in Kate McCombs for a discussion on pleasure, anatomy and pretty much whatever we damn well pleased after a few glasses of champagne. Following a brief anonymous Q&A session, she was available for some one on one discussions too. Free education. The more you know… ya know?

Around 4:30, with the sunshine still beaming, my ¬†girlfriend and I poured a final glass of champagne and toasted to a perfectly celebrated International Woman’s Day. I highly recommend doing your research on these women, their brands and most importantly – how it applies to you.

xo Rae

“Take your pleasure seriously.” – Charles Eames