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Bae of the Day: Ason

I first heard young Ason in 2009 when we booked him while I was working upstate at Lava in Turning Stone Casino. I dug him then. Be it destiny or just luck that he is now practically my neighbor. Naturally, I try to make it to most of his gigs as he spins a perfect selection of sad boy/slow jams. What better than a DJ spinning your favorite songs in your own hood? Not much. Blame him as part of the reason I haven’t left Brooklyn much this winter.

Picture your favorite Weeknd track, surrounded by some instrumentals in the candlelit Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg. This is TUESDAY, where he regularly spins their evening they’ve dubbed Bedroom Electric. It’s fairly self explanatory. Although he won’t be there tonight, he will be playing the next three Tuesday nights in addition to both Saturday, March 22 and 29. Saturday nights you may be able to even catch some old Dispet late night, Oh Boy. If you want to check it, just ask, I’ll almost definitely roll.

I recently held a Friday evening get together to introduce a bunch of NY area friends to each other and insisted I could only do it if Ason DJed. A perfect example to why this was a necessity, is as the music, at just the right volume to hear it and hold a conversation, carried the vibe of the party, I stopped and lost my thought mid-sentence. Call me what you want but I am a sucker for a well timed Frank Ocean song.

Most importantly, his soundcloud is FULL of very smooth mixes and you can regularly catch him broadcasting live on Extra Water Radio (check his Twitter for when). So, I’m giving you two. First the most popular, Endorphin Mix. I’ll hold the spoiler alert and allow you to check the set list if you so choose. Or you could just press play and let it happen.


Lastly, my favorite, his Shadows Soul mix featuring the likes of Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls, Lucille Mathis, Eddie Ray and Tammi Terrell. Motown. If you don’t know you better ask somebody. Your mom would be a good place to start.  


And what I loved most he had so much soul… Very funky.

xo Rae