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It’s yours

Ok, here’s your weekend plans… well, potentially. Actually, they’re mine and you’re invited. Get in where ya fit in.

Friday is easily my favorite shopping day as it is a leisurely activity for me. Owner of my go to vintage spot, upstate in Syracuse, Nate of Modern Pop Culture, informed me about Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and Sale going on today and tomorrow. I’ll be in attendance and specifically going to check out Thriftwares. Tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door. Check out more info here.


For Saturday evening I’m calling all my heart break kids, and sad bois and girlz. Ason (former featured Bae) and Bvdhai are playing a night strictly for the lovers. Ok, other people are invited as well, but Huckleberry Bar in BK will be HEAVY on the candle light and R&B. The party starts at 10 and ends when everyone is making out  the DJ drops R. Kelly’s Bump ‘N Grind. Let me stop, it’s going to be perfect. Turn on NWTS, hop on the G train and #comethru.


And on the 7th day the lord said put on your Sunday’s Best and let there be brunch. Start it with live jazz but follow up with Fool’s Gold’s DJ, TheCainMarko. There’s drink specials and complimentary brunch. It’s in Soho at the private club, Parlor. RSVP at sundaybestny at gmail dot com or email me for more info at contactraewitte at gmail dot com.


Despite the forecasted rain all weekend, I will shop, jones and day drink. Grab your umbrella or hit the Uber and don’t let it kill your vibe.

xo Rae

kitty cash

Bae of the Day: Kitty Cash

I’ve mentioned her a couple times. She played at both the Converse Rubber Tracks x Fader event and the #NokiaFW party where her bestie, Kilo Kish performed however, I first came across her when SSENSE featured a mix she put together for them. At the time, it was easily the best I’d heard in months making my heart skip literal beats. Honestly, I just tried to select a few tracks to highlight, can’t do it. The entire thing is good.

After her catching her live a few times and getting through her Soundcloud, it became pretty apparent that she will continue to have my full support. First, her debut mixtape, Love the Free was featured by Vogue, no big deal. At this point I went ahead and followed her on Twitter. Although she seems to play it safe, understandably as in addition to DJing and all the gigs that come with that job, she also is a fashion publicist for G-Star, I caught her mid-rant one day. In addition to her music and her hustle, I dig her attitude too after seeing her tweet “Cool doesn’t pay the bills”, and sharing the similar thoughts on some of the social media famous, “but… what do you DO?”

Finally, the reason you’re hearing about her today, her I AM WOMAN mix, featuring CLASSIC Mary J and Janet Jackson as well as an Eartha Kitt segment I very personally identify with. It was released on Buzzfeed yesterday along with her below statement on Woman’s History Month.

“To me, celebrating Women’s History Month was more about honoring the woman that I am becoming and paying homage to the women of influence. In order to do that, I had to dig into what embodied the women I have aspired to be and the reasoning behind that.I wanted to highlight songs that took me through a specific journey of my womanhood, whilst challenging and bringing awareness to a few ideas that women, including myself, are constantly faced with such as: compromise, sexism, sexuality, vulnerability power, perception and success.Through this mix, the aforementioned concepts are intertwined through the lyrics and conversations of all of these trailblazing artists.” – Kitty CashReleased exclusively via BuzzFeed”

I mean, in the famous words of another Brooklyn native, what more can I say?

xo Rae

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater

Sweater Weather

Although, it actually snowed last night, this is the end. The end of 7 layers of clothing, the end of numb toes, for the love of everything right in the world they’re telling me this is the end of rivaling Snow White’s skin tone. Dear winter, BYE FELICIA.

But hello, afternoon sun heating up the room, you feel so right. This may be a little premature in light of last night, but last weekend and presumably this upcoming weekend will warrant outfits with a sweater and a light jacket or perhaps more skin than just your wrists.

Sweaters, jackets and boots were my top three most missed items while living in Miami. I am however, BEYOND over the heavy sweaters of January and cannot wait for the lighter, less conventional sweaters of spring, summer evenings and fall. Namely, this Dolce Vita crop.

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 2

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 3

dolce vita hi lo cream cable sweater 4
I picked it up at Nordstrom’s Rack in Union Square for $29 from $178. I’ve paired it with Cheap Monday, acid wash jeans here but also plan to wear it over dresses or button ups until the the weather allows for otherwise.

xo Rae


Bae of the Day: Rainy Milo

In her first official video for Rats, on her recently released debut album, baby girl’s got black hi top chucks and gold hoop earrings. If you knew me before the age of 22, you know what it is.

I found Rainy Milo, the south London born 18 year old (!!!), on a Kitty Cash mix for SSENSE and I definitely believe she is an artist you’ll want to get familiar with.

Below, I put together my favorite tracks from her Soundcloud. Originally from her earlier EP, Limey, Rainy sounds very ride or die on the title track of her Virgin EMI debut album, This Thing of Ours, as she’s calling out on the hook, “she held the grounds for you and you didn’t know what to do.” Vocally she sounds almost as sweet as Corrine Bailey Rae on Deal Me Briefly but lyrically, Rainy has a little more sass. And last, on Bout You you definitely can hear what she attributes her influences to, jazz and hip hop.

Image stolen from her tumblr,

xo Rae

upstate oysters

Upstate | Craft Beer & Oyster Bar

When I hang with my friends from Upstate that live in the city now, I swear Drake’s voice echoing… WE MADE IT.

I get it. I didn’t grow up here. Hell, I’ve been here for less than a year. My friends from Upstate, they didn’t grow up here either, but there’s a few things you born and bred New York City kids recognize. It’s not a competition. We’re not you. We don’t want to be you. And you need to appreciate your parents for raising you here, the same way you need to recognize we have more in common with them, than you. We appreciate this city just as much if not more because we had to work just to get here. We made it.

Unless you can go from work in Midtown, for a drink in Soho, rest your head in Bedstuy, know the difference between a black & white and a half moon, drive (see me parallel park and say something), have ever picked an apple off a tree, swam in a lake or partied in the woods – don’t press me on how much of a New Yorker I am.

It couldn’t have brought me any greater joy than to be introduced to the Upstate Craft Beer & Oyster Bar by my former classmate, friend and current neighbor. With GREAT pride, I get to share it with you.

Owned by Utica area native, Shane Covey, Upstate‘s environment immediately reminds me of everything I love about home. There’s F.X. Matt paraphernalia and the room itself feels like old Village Toy Shop or the current Domenico’s with lots of Adirondack wood and a tiled floor like the house I grew up in. I went for happy hour, which I strongly suggest, where you can get 6 Oysters and a draft for $12. With oysters from both coasts, more so than ever, I could tell the distinct difference between the types we ordered. We also had the charcuterie plate, salmon tartar (the capers and mustard <3) and a trout plate that is no longer on the menu.

upstate happy hour

Future visitors, plan on checking it out.

xo Rae


My Favorite NY Based Twitters

Recently, I’ve found myself converting (or forcing) friends into Twitter users. My pitch usually includes points like you don’t need to tweet to be on Twitter and to use it as a tool. I can’t understand why people don’t use it honestly. It’s just efficient. Everything I love or support or want to read about is in one place. I’ve even gone as far as to curate new users accounts by selecting who to follow based on what I know about them. In doing so, I thought it would be useful to share a selection of NY based tweeters that I love and/or regularly recommend and why.

@gothamist – Hands down my favorite source for weather updates. They should really consider partnering with the Authentic Weather app. But really, they’re managing editor is selective and on point. It’s a perfect mix of news, bizarre stories (without making NY sound like Florida), occasional, very relevant lists and interactive maps.

@NYTimes – For obvious reasons, it’s The Times, act like an adult for once. But lately I am secretly really digging the Haikus.

@NYTminuscontext – Genius selection of statements pulled verbatim from the NYT. Makes me want to take everything out of context always.

@NYNightlife – OG anonymous Twitter account. I love everything about this. There’s solid content created and shared, exceptional event info, real time, late night updates, expert social conversation initiation and a very reasonable and refreshing attitude surrounding all things nightlife.

@40oz_Van – Although there’s excessive amounts of barely clothed, attractive, curvy, desperate for attention women (which is much more a judgement of the women than him – what do you ladies do all day in addition to perfecting the anonymous selfie game?), I have undeniable respect for entrepreneurs that remain explicitly true to themselves and a man that is anti-thigh gap. He also kills tweets in like 90 characters or less.

@TheFader – Easily my favorite source for music and the lifestyle.

@NYCTSubwayScoop – Number one life hack and transit holy grail, live subway service updates. Go follow now.

@NYMag – For me, NYMag and the Gothamist are an essential duo for New York Twitterers. Miraculously they do not have identical content. NYMag also has a very healthy variety and definitely covers more fashion, media and entertainment news.

@InfiniteLegroom – Launched by DJ/producer/record label owner/ fellow Brooklyn resident, Atrak, the travel content site Infinite Legroom is just over a year old. They offer info on everything from where to get the best cup of coffee domestically and detrimental SXSW parties to the best (as if it really makes a difference) tropical remote islands to relax on. With constant features from popular hospitality brands or fellow industry friends’ tips, I honestly use it to flex in front of my well traveled friends. “Oh, you should totally check out Infinite Legroom before that work trip to Morocco you have coming up at the end of the month.” – never fails.

@Brokelyn - All things cheap and Brooklyn, my favorite takeaways from Brokelyn are the featured events, gigs, real estate and rentals highlights and New York news. Very essential.

If you don’t have an account, don’t want one or let your existing timeline go unread, get in touch with me, contactRaeWitte (at) gmail dot com. I promise I can make it useful for you. Get involved and stop walking around uninformed.

xo Rae

Champagne and Blind Trust

On arguably the most lovely day in recent weeks, I was texting my fellow Miami to New York transplant trying to fulfill the need to do something (ANYTHING) with the pure perfection that was Saturday. She sent a screen shot of an email and explained, “I think they’re having a sale and serving champagne and someone is speaking. I am going to RSVP for us.” Sale. Champagne. Perfect Saturday. YES. I am truly grateful to have girlfriends I blindly trust for weekend afternoon adventures.

We took our sweet time to enjoy the weather, walk, catch up and look further into The Little Black Box‘s, Let’s Talk About Sex, private shopping event featuring Ampere lingerie and sex educator and writer, Kate McCombs. Upon arrival, a group of impressive female entrepreneurs, owners of both Ampere lingerie and The Little Black Box, greeted us. Ampere’s philosophy is based on a customized shopping experience boasting an unheard of range of sizes. Co-founder and Harvard Law grad (who was recently featured in Forbes, smart babe) Jaibei Chen told my girlfriend and I about their beautiful 100% silk lingerie and discussed their recent successful kickstarter campaign. Another articulate and stunning young woman, Natalie, one of LBB’s founders, schooled us on their company, the products they carry and their line of intimate accessories (READ: classy sex toys). Talk about whole in the market. How trashy are most “sex shops” and how disheartening has the sex toy party realistically become? It’s like middle America got a stack of Cosmos and cracked a hard cover edition of 50 Shades of Gray while simultaneously watching through every season of SATC. Just shoot me. My Human Sex class in college for my Health Ed minor offered hosting a party and writing about it AS AN ASSIGNMENT, a solid indication of becoming… outdated, minimally.

Natalie, the girls of LBB and Ampere get it. Take your pleasure seriously, drop all the smutty lingo and put it in impeccable, discreet, very sexy packaging. One of their products is rechargeable on any USB port (MIND BLOWN). It’s 2014 and there’s a new breed of women out here. Finally, these ladies brought in Kate McCombs for a discussion on pleasure, anatomy and pretty much whatever we damn well pleased after a few glasses of champagne. Following a brief anonymous Q&A session, she was available for some one on one discussions too. Free education. The more you know… ya know?

Around 4:30, with the sunshine still beaming, my  girlfriend and I poured a final glass of champagne and toasted to a perfectly celebrated International Woman’s Day. I highly recommend doing your research on these women, their brands and most importantly – how it applies to you.

xo Rae

“Take your pleasure seriously.” – Charles Eames


As I recall you know I love to show off

Not really… at all… but I suppose a little bit of flexin’ is necessary, occasionally.

It’s been a LONG time since I picked up a high end brand for a flat out stupid price. A long, long time has passed since I’ve written about my favorite Stuart Weitzman boots I picked up for $75 from like $480 or my vintage Ferragamo clutch or those Ted Baker boots.

Last week while my mom was visiting, I took her to the Union Square Nordstrom’s Rack.

Don’t call it a come back!

I picked up a cashmere, wool blend, camel colored, very classic cut (as much of their stuff is) A.P.C. sweater for 91% off. Upon seeing the $29 price tag marked down from $345, I stifled my desire to RUN to the dressing room. apc sweater outside capsule

Image by Celine of Cup of Rahman.

apc sweater denim and scarf lg

Here, I wore it over a chambray striped button up, under my leather moto, with my latest scarf from my mom.


xo Rae




joe lzrz ASON

Bae of the Day: Ason

I first heard young Ason in 2009 when we booked him while I was working upstate at Lava in Turning Stone Casino. I dug him then. Be it destiny or just luck that he is now practically my neighbor. Naturally, I try to make it to most of his gigs as he spins a perfect selection of sad boy/slow jams. What better than a DJ spinning your favorite songs in your own hood? Not much. Blame him as part of the reason I haven’t left Brooklyn much this winter.

Picture your favorite Weeknd track, surrounded by some instrumentals in the candlelit Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg. This is TUESDAY, where he regularly spins their evening they’ve dubbed Bedroom Electric. It’s fairly self explanatory. Although he won’t be there tonight, he will be playing the next three Tuesday nights in addition to both Saturday, March 22 and 29. Saturday nights you may be able to even catch some old Dispet late night, Oh Boy. If you want to check it, just ask, I’ll almost definitely roll.

I recently held a Friday evening get together to introduce a bunch of NY area friends to each other and insisted I could only do it if Ason DJed. A perfect example to why this was a necessity, is as the music, at just the right volume to hear it and hold a conversation, carried the vibe of the party, I stopped and lost my thought mid-sentence. Call me what you want but I am a sucker for a well timed Frank Ocean song.

Most importantly, his soundcloud is FULL of very smooth mixes and you can regularly catch him broadcasting live on Extra Water Radio (check his Twitter for when). So, I’m giving you two. First the most popular, Endorphin Mix. I’ll hold the spoiler alert and allow you to check the set list if you so choose. Or you could just press play and let it happen.

Lastly, my favorite, his Shadows Soul mix featuring the likes of Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls, Lucille Mathis, Eddie Ray and Tammi Terrell. Motown. If you don’t know you better ask somebody. Your mom would be a good place to start.

And what I loved most he had so much soul… Very funky.

xo Rae


Capsule NY Women’s AW14 Show

Last week I attended the Capsule NY Women’s Show.  Amongst the women in Pharrell hats and beautiful boys bundled in fur coats, there was a wide variety of interesting and inspiring work. I need to share my top 5 favorites of Capsule NY.

Capsule KYE

I really dig Korean brand KYE’s luxe sportswear with the heavy chain link detail over fur, sheer and bold color blocking.


Erica M’s bodysuit and hosiery – sex. That is all.

love shirtBecause I’m a sucker for all word games or words in general (got the app push notifications on at all times), this Christine Alcalay print of sickeningly adorable forms of the word ‘love’ had to make my list.

Capsule Janessa Leone hats

Relocation and winter has me hat OBSESSED. Janessa Leone’s gray with the camel band is flawless.

Capsules stutterheim rain coats

Although Stutterheim’s raincoats are beautiful, it was the words on this tag which made me visit the website, allowing me to read the ‘Our Story’ section and essentially develop a severe high school crush on Alexander Stutterheim’s story telling and brand. Oh man, melancholy at it’s finest.

Capsule close

xo Rae

All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman.