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Bae of the Day: Kali Uchis

I also discovered the little rebellious voice of Kali Uchis on The Fader’s Best of and Most Slept on (aptly named) in 2013 Mix. My favorite baes of late all have very low key, whispery voices that beg the question – are they singing or rapping? But then again, does the answer really change anything?

Although she looks straight out of LA, the bleach blonde Columbian is currently a resident of VA. The song that got me hooked, below, samples Brenton Wood’s 1967 single, I Want Love. With Kali’s leisurely, carefree vocals over the top it’s so long sigh worthy. I’m stuck. Wrap your head around that for a second. A 19 year old. I am a huge fan of her lyrically as well, but you don’t gotta listen baby.

Last week a video of teasers for her upcoming work hit the internet and over the weekend she posted a pic with Tyler the Creator in the studio on her IG. Hopefully we’ll hear from new stuff very soon. Here’s the clip featuring her new stuff which seems like some work with Soulection. Personally, I’d love to see her do something with Sango.

A bonus too, she COVERS 2 Chainz, Birthday Song. So… yea. I mean… there isn’t much more to say.

But below, my favorite. The combo of the subtle reggae samples, her attitude and wardrobe (obviously, blue velvet, high waisted everything and timbs) really sets Table for Two apart from the rest. Get familiar, it seems you could be seeing a little more of Kali Uchis very soon.

xo Rae