Daily Archives: February 28, 2014


It’s Still Cold Out

There’s so much commitment in a real winter coat. I’m talking the coat you wear when you consciously choose to mouth breathe to avoid that horrible feeling of breathing through your nose when it’s TOO cold. As I mentioned before, I can dig 30 degrees. It’s refreshing. I get to wear layers. I may be trying to stay positive… but I kind of mean it. After last weekend, getting back into the winter coats was disheartening. Then I realized I love my red coat so I lived, but you, what did you do? In that winter coat that has been so good to you all season, how did you feel? Hated it.

Why pick up something else? Haaa, is that even a question? Why not? The 10 day forecast for Brooklyn isn’t seeing temps above 40 and today (really laughing out loud as I type), the “feels like” temp is 1. HA. Like always, you have options and they are all on sale. It’s damn near March, no one is selling coats at full price. But we’re going to explore another option. The thrift shop. I hit the vintage shop, but Celine, the little creative genius fueling my blog with high quality images found an amazing, luxuriously suede, polar vortex fighting coat – for $10.


From an undisclosed store (sorry, gotta keep this one to myself for once) Celine got this and her other winter coat I love so much. Check out some thrift stores in your area. Grab something different, have a little fun with it. YOLO, if you will. Before you know it, we’ll all be stressing the humidity, I think.

xo Rae

All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman