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Monday night The Fader and Converse Rubber Tracks hosted their latest Brooklyn Bound event headlined by New York’s World’s Fair. Bad Rabbits, out of Boston, opened and Brooklyn’s own, Kitty Cash DJed.

Huge props to whoever is handling Brooklyn’s Bound’s booking because both Bad Rabbits and World’s Fair put on a SHOW and to anyone the RSVPed but didn’t come through – sincerely, your loss. I’ve been to a few events Kitty Cash played, she kills no matter what. I’m talking the current turn up tracks, Danny Glover to OG Bobby Johnson to classic Ginuwine and TAMIA (CAPITAL LETTERS because I almost dropped my drink and tripped over my own Chucks) to close the night. I hadn’t listened to much of World’s Fair or even been aware of Bad Rabbits prior to Monday. We arrived while Bad Rabbits was on stage. These boys have soul… AND moves (I see you very Boston, bass player). I will undoubtedly feature them very soon. World’s Fair has that classic New York production and wild showmanship. What could be better? Bad Rabbits came back out to offer World’s Fair a band behind the first half of their performance. I love hip hop over a live band (someone tell Wale to bring it back the go-go, just saying).


Bad Rabbits, lead singer, Fredua “Dua” BoakyeIMG_0120

Nigel Rubirosa of World’s FairIMG_0140

World’s Fair and Bad Rabbits

Monday night, live music in Brooklyn from the Fader and Converse? Chucks, duh. No questions asked. Conveniently, they keep a super reasonable price point, but my secret to fulfill the constant desire for a fresh pair? DSW stores and online always have them for a little cheaper and regularly mark them down to around $35.  I mean, two please? Really.

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All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman and check her video below.

xo Rae