Daily Archives: February 24, 2014



They said, “winter was so mild last year.” “You’ll be fine”, they said. They said,”you grew up upstate!”

“It’s going to be so cold out you might call your mom and tell her you’re considering jeopardizing your future because you can’t leave the house”, said no one ever.

Excessive, perhaps. So real, though. Bring on the snow, just keep that temp above 25, someone, please. Especially after this weekend? I am so ready for spring, but winter is acting very much like that ex that really needs to let go. It’s going to snow tomorrow, again.

Expectedly, my winter clothes stock was thin. Unsure of a definitive direction for my cold weather wardrobe, during the fall (blog hiatus), pre-storefront, on a Saturday afternoon, I met the owner of Installation Brooklyn and made my first purchase.

Blatantly men’s and extremely shapeless, it was perfect. Perfect for putting a denim or white, flowy tunic under, it was perfect throwing over distressed denim, just perfect for getting extra cozy with leggings and the high socks.  At this point, deep into my first February, at $20, this is what I’d call a success, or Saturday morning’s finest.


All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman

xo Rae