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Got Mine

The challenging weather of fashion week made the desire for the perfect coat constant. Let me get the worst part of this story out of the way immediately. I tried on this coat, walked away and left it in the store for over two weeks. Shameful.

Recently, a new vintage shop opened on Nostrand Ave in Bedstuy. I’ve stopped in Installation Brooklyn about once a week since their grand opening.  Margot Hughes, the absolutely delightful owner, is nearly my height and suggested trying the coat when I told her what I was searching for. However, initially, standing there in my sweats and Chucks, I was feeling wary of committing to such a bright color. After a few discussions with girlfriends and observing all of the NYFW street style, I reconsidered. If Cam can close out the McNairy show in a cape, I can wear a red full length coat. Besides, how many black coats can one own? This rhetoric being more self-encouraging than a serious question because we all know infinite black clothing is not only acceptable but celebrated, always. I think this was the Kanye, Kim K, Celine inspired, vintage collaboration I’d been waiting for.

I bought it. And I only paid $65 because realistically winter should be ending soon and it was marked down. Then, Refinery29 referenced me in an article and tweeted about it. Not really, but apparently a NY-born, LA residing fashion blogger was wearing something alarmingly similar around NYFW while NET-A-PORTER’s Senior Editor suggested an equally as bright, blue version.

netaporter tweet blue coat refinery29 NYFW tweet red coat


Truthfully, I couldn’t agree more with their suggestions at this point. The ankle length, double-breasted, stop sign red coat is one of those pieces that makes you walk a little taller while you pray that coat check isn’t mandatory. I kinda think it may need it’s own theme song. Regardless, I’ve worn it with everything from my favorite black leather, Stuart Weitzman boots to Chucks or Timbs and it always feels flawless.


All images were taken by Celine of Cup of Rahman

 xo Rae