Daily Archives: February 13, 2014

Set The Mood Right

Press play on the classic, little JT joint as you read, before you get to the goods.

It’s become quite apparent that my first winter back in New York has me in a constant state of “feeling some type of way.” Therefore, in light of instantly romanticized, snowy city views and Valentine’s Day, I found it necessary to pull together a short compilation of SERIOUS love songs for you. This is not for the haphazard, foot dragging, send flowers to her office to flex in front of her girlfriends Valentine’s dates. I’m talking can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t tweet, wouldn’t be mad if you made babies sorta feeling playlist. Yea, THAT.

This exists still right? Anyone? Someone? MAYBE?

Further, I am going to take the opportunity to introduce you something new. I could indeed throw together classics, sprinkle a little NWTS, seal the deal with Bound 2 at the end, but you should be capable of that. Have at it.

Coming off catching him live Wednesday night in Brooklyn, I have to kick off with featuring Vashtie breaking it all the way down for us on the newest track. And then, like promised, for Valentine’s, Boy/Friend big ups all girls looking for real love like Mary J. All jokes aside, future wedding songs? Think so.

Onward, I saw Theophilus London open for Miike Snow at Syracuse University in like ’09, so naturally, I was anticipating the project he was releasing yesterday while I was listening to Eve. First listen, Figure It Out. I mean he’s branded LVRS but… two words. Mase flow. Which of course comes after Dev Hynes rips the intro.

Finally, the deal breaker, another deliberate Valentine’s week release, Amen, Awoman from Jesse Boykins and Melo-X. This is what I’m talking about, you may not want to play this for her unless you are most definitely proposing. Very Maxwell-esque type of vibe. I’m not quite sure I can openly write how this makes me feel. Call me and we can talk about it or email me and I’ll include a ton of capital letters.

If this get’s you nowhere with your bb, you might be hopeless but you can always make a desperation (or power) move and put on a little R Kelly, Bump N Grind. I sure don’t see a damn thing wrong with that, either.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

xo Rae