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Bae of the Day: Boy/Friend

I’ve mentioned him before, last summer. I came across Boy/Friend on The Fader’s twitter and recommended downloading his freshman LP. I think I hit all my low key HBK’s over text and put them on to Leather Weather ASAP.

A lot can change in 6 months though. Not only did Shan Poo, aka the Asian Gosling, put out a Leather Weather, The Remixes (featuring BK-local favorite of mine, Melo-X, among other notables), release club single, Adam, and have a mix featured on SSENSE, but he performed at CMJ’s Fader Fort before TDE’s first lady SZA. Check some footage below.

But the real reason the twitter lover boy is my bae of the day is needing to acknowledge how he has really turned on the heat, despite this Polar Vortex life (which btw is the realest thing I’ve ever encountered), for Valentine’s Day and for everyone that disregarded proper cuffing etiquette. Him and his team, MNTN, Mel DeBarge and Jason ‘BetterYet’ Scott may just be the saviors of the cuffing season slackers with their latest two songs, Never Not Looking and Theme Song.

And the video for Theme Song… I cried candy coated teardrops of joy and watched my awkwardest years flash before my eyes. It’s. So. Good. I made my mom watch it. To put it in perspective, my favorite vinyl at 3 was Paula Abdul’s, Forever Your Girl. Basically, prepare to resurface every preteen emotion you ever confusedly felt for NKOTB.


Finally, most importantly, he’s opening for Kid Sister Wednesday night at The Glasslands in Brooklyn. You can get your tickets here.

You (yes you, no you, yes you) wanna go? (circle one)

Yes or No

xo Rae