Daily Archives: February 6, 2014

Maximus and Nika kick off NYFW

As NYFW officially kicks off today, after New York was slammed by two storms in less than 4 days, it’s only right we discuss coats. I am currently still searching for ‘the one’.

I must digress, my current biggest style inspo for my future coat is Kanye. Honestly, any ill opinions on him, save it, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when that DJ from Tuesday night casually played Bound 2 twice, back to back. I’ll forever be fan.

Realistically, when I say Kanye is my inspiration in the pursuit for the perfect coat, I really mean Kim. However, ultimately, I hold Ye responsible for her apparent, upgraded style. If someone had taste like this, I sure wouldn’t mind their daily input. Regardless, she has been KILLING the coat game since fall, particularly the Celine coats. Here’s a selection of my favorites, all of which are stolen from her Instagram.

kim kardashian celine coat 2 kim kardashian celine coat 3kim kardashian celine coat


Unfortunately at this point in my life, I do not have a couple extra racks to spare on a Celine coat. Coincidentally, my friend Celine aka @ThatGOODRahman of cupofrahman.tumblr.com has also offered some inspiration.


Stunner. Her vintage L.L. Bean coat that she picked up at Unique Thrift Store in Brooklyn is precisely the direction I’m headed in, just need a little more length.

Until then, I am ardently looking forward to checking out how fashion’s finest bundle up in the upcoming week. Stay warm.

xo Rae