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kilo kish

I am Alice, I’m in Wonderland

After having just written about Kilo Kish, I came across the Nokia Lumia, #NokiaFW event, aka The Prelude, at The Hole on Bowery featuring an installation by Mary Benson and performance by none other than Kilo Kish. I RSVPed and got two girlfriends to go with. Of course her performance was dope and Kitty Cash (a recent discovery) DJed.

Being only 10:15pm when we left, Val, Celine and I crossed the street to a bar called Von, before Nika showed face. The door man (first question, why is there a doorman at this bar?) explained there’s a DJ downstairs if we wanted to check that out (oh, that’s why). So we did.

Initially, upon entrance, the upstairs is a VERY dimly lit, distressed wood, beautifully stocked bar complete with fresh spices and fruit to assemble what appeared to be finely crafted/artisan (such a buzzy word) beverages. We opted for red wines and headed downstairs.

I don’t know that one could really refer to the person playing music as a “DJ” per say, however the song selector was on point. We took a seat below some random movie being projected on the wall behind us. Now, this unsuspecting basement also had a nice bar and nice bartender but what truly set it off was when the aforementioned selectah dropped Busta “Gimme Some More” and we all gave each other the “hold up, hold my phone” look. Then we realized the ENTIRE ceiling was all wine corks. You know what the means? Lots of wine corks means lots of bottles of wine. The bathroom walls were actually paneled in boxes (wooden, not Franzia) of wine as well.

von corks

It keeps getting better though. The foreign film being projected, was in French and accompanied by the most perfect sub-titles for three single women. I asked the bartender what the movie was. He handed me the Netflix, DVD sleeve. I felt a little nostalgia tug on my heart strings and I’m not quite sure if it was because the DVD came in the mail or the movie, Mississippi Mermaid, (released in 1969) just moved to the top of my must-watch list.

mississippi mermaid von 2 missippi mermain von

Further, as if all this perfection wasn’t enough, Mr. DJ dropped, No Diggity, Big Pimpin’ (two separate) times, a little reggae, Black Skinhead AND Bound 2, 1.5 times yielding a full dance floor of co-workers that were each about 3 drinks too deep. One of them did a pirouette.  People watching on 100.  Does this sound like a dream to you yet? Or perhaps a VH1 “awesomely bad” reference, but more awesome than bad?

von dance party

Regardless, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Von at 3 Bleecker Street for delicious drinks, song selection that will make your eyes wide like my most frequently used emoji and potential foreign film recommendations.



Tuesday, truly not half bad and Nika, you’re late to the party. 

xo Rae