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#LESbeat how to explain it?
I’ll take it, frame by frame it.
To have ya all jumpin, shoutin, sayin it.
L is for Lower, ES for East Side, scratch ya temple,
the last Beat, well… that’s not that simple.

Wait… Yes it is. Three weeks into 2014, so just long enough that people have sustained full on cabin fever, Red Bull, Brandsway Creative and Matt Levine’s #LESbeat happened. In spite of the Polar Vortex, when offered a ticket to the secret venue, invite-only, open bar, charity benefiting, surprise act featuring… wait… did you catch all that? No questions asked, I was going along to check it out.

Having all of 20 minutes to change after the Agenda Emerge event and with the temp hanging around 1 degree, I threw on my timbs and my fur coat for what ended up being a surprisingly short wait outside. “One Night in Chinatown” took place at Mott Street’s, Grand Harmony. All optional donations benefited the Lower East Side Girl’s Club. Oh, I forgot to mention during he 11pm-4am event, there was also free food. I saw McDonald’s and plenty of Dim Sum. So we’re in, toes thawing, coats checked, open bar visited, the anticipation starts. ASAP Mob headlined the last #LESBeat. I was sure whoever was coming on would be well worth it, with the way the opening DJs were going in. Also, HUGE shout out to Red Bull, Brandsway and Matt Levine for the set up. People don’t even recognize the value in properly placing food stations, respective to bars, coat check, the stage, show production equip, etc. AND for keeping the crowd a comfortable size. Amazing, amazing job.


First, Matt and Kim came out for a DJ set. Matt played a solid set while Kim enjoyed her Modelo. Not mad at ya Kim, not mad. Another lap and trip to the bar before, my girlfriend asks, who do you think it’s going to be? Having no idea where to even start to guess, she asks what if it’s something old school, like Naughty By Nature? Within in LITERAL seconds, Treach and Vin Rock hit the stage and 80’s baby dominant room loses it.

LESBeat Naughty by Nature

Once they’re done a couple other DJ’s come out. I recognize DJ Zeke from my weekend visits down to St. John’s during college and another one drops some incredible Alicia Keys Fallin’ trap-esque goodness, which by the way, if anyone has it, send it?

I never would have guessed I’d be hitting all my high school homies the following day bragging that I saw The LOX come out appropriately murdering ‘Wild Out’! Randomly, earlier that week I had put a girlfriend on to ‘Favorite Drug‘ and was mentioning how I still hadn’t let go missing Jadakiss at Finale during the holidays. And there we were, in a random dim sum restaurant seeing The LOX reunited.


I skated directly after they went off, apparently missing DJ Slink. It had to happen. Overall, great party, extremely well executed with a really, really chill crowd.

xo Rae