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true love and guilty pleasures for a good cause

Shamelessly, (not guiltless, though) I love pizza.  Yea I know, you do too, that’s fine. This is no ordinary love. I love it so much that because in my three years in Miami I never found a satisfactory slice, I boycotted it from a June visit to the northeast until I moved in September.  I’m picky for pizza. I will not waste my time, money or calories on mediocrity.

Today Slice Out of Hunger is holding New York’s biggest pizza party.  With 42 pizzerias offering pizza by the slice there is bound to be some phenom choices.  Further, I’m familiar with a couple places so this is a no-brainer.  The best part about today’s event is all slices are ONLY $1 and all proceeds go to Food Bank NYC, the city’s major hunger relief association.  I don’t think I’ve gotten a dollar slice (although they are available down the street) since I was a sophomore in high school at Parkway Pizza.  There is also a raffle and you can come with some higher donations and get yourself a Pizza Pass to skip the line.

pizza tweet

My love is truly unmatched. 

So you spend a couple bucks, enjoy a couple slices and contribute to a good cause.  Let me know if you want to join, I’m heading over to hop in line later.

xo Rae



le paris dakar bedstuy

Best of Bedstuy

Well, as those of you that have ever worked side by side with me know, I’m not picky about food but I am very particular.  In other words, I’ll try anything that’s good quality.  Don’t bring me to an Olive Garden or a Subway gushing “you’ve got to try this!”  No thanks, I’m just not interested.  I try to stay away from chains and support local and my neighborhood is making that super easy.

First let’s start with the deli below my place.  I can get a coffee and a toasted bagel with butter for $1.50.  I really don’t think I need to elaborate further.  It’s something like $4 for a sub and I wake up to the scent of breakfast sandwiches (BACON) every morning.

Down the street at a cupcake place called Baby Cakes, there are Red Velvet cookies for 85 cents.  It is literally the perfect snack, under a dollar and rich enough that I don’t need more than one.

There is also a lovely little French spot, Le Paris Dakar.  They have a variety of crepes, coffees and pastries and not one thing on the menu is over $8.  I can confidently say they are runner up for my favorite atmosphere and the best plain croissant (you can literally taste the butter, cheaper and WORLDS beyond Starbucks) I’ve had in a long time… maybe ever.

le paris dakar bedstuy

I positively believe that Ma’s will ruin my life over then winter.  I have only been once and although delicious I am trying not to frequent them simply because their side of baked mac and cheese for $3.50 will always be the best and worst decision at the same damn time.

My absolute favorite spot is Ms. Dahlia’s even though they close early.  First, everyone that works in there is friendly.  Second, that afternoon sun through their front windows is pure perfection.  Third, THE PLAYLIST.  I have lost myself in there with my laptop for HOURS.  I mean from old Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child to really driving it home for me with Donnell Jones,  Avant and Lauryn Hill – all from the late 90s and early 2000s too!  Best part though, breakfast til 3 and you can get delicious lunches like a chicken pot pie or a curry chicken sandwich with chips for under $6.  Also, almond croissants… I am officially a croissant connoisseur and other phenom desserts I imagine to be equally as reasonably priced but I can never remember because of the state of bliss I am in when I finally head home.

ms dahlias bedstuy

So far, these are my hood favorites.  Bedstuy, do or die.  You can check out my fancy new, additional IG account with all things Bedstuy, Bedstuy365.

xo Rae