Monthly Archives: September 2013


pre-move purchase

It’s been nearly a month.  As one can assume with any big change in one’s life, realistically not everything can be all rainbows and unicorns.  Thankfully my final days in Miami were packed with friends, family, the beach and a few really late nights that went virtually perfectly.  The drive up was awesome and we made it here in one piece.  Regardless, with some delays, I’m moved in, adjusting and so happy to be here.

While transitioning and looking for some steady work, shopping and going out have taken a back seat to getting set up and hustling.  However, prior to leaving, recognizing shopping would inevitably become merely out of necessity, I picked up something that seemed unnecessary at the time but has proven to be a new wardrobe staple.

steve madden cutout boots repp dsw

Originally $129.99, these cutout ankle booties, Repp by Steve Madden were at DSW marked down to $89.99.  Knowing I should be putting every penny towards saving and my move, I left them once.   Obviously, I had to go back.  I had $10 off from the DSW rewards program.  So I got them for $80 and have worn them nearly every night I’ve gone out and had to catch a train into the city solo.  They are PERFECT.  I like to be prepared but even I surprised myself with these.

xo Rae