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the Kanye Theory

There is something to be said about quality.  Quite honestly, if I could afford it, I’d most definitely shop A LOT more high end brands but until further notice I’ll keep bringing you my deals.  Theory is absolutely a brand I wish I owned more of.

Two Fridays ago, when I recently picked up my Sam Edelman sandals, I found myself in shopping slump.  Not only have I been shopping less, it seems as though my shape is a little different than last summer and minimally my clothing fits… differently.  Consequently, this is making shopping more of a challenge.  Practically forced, after finding the sandals, I knew I needed/wanted to pick up something but wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for.  Marshall’s is most definitely not the spot for jeans or shorts, which I honestly need, so I found myself looking for a maxi which was promptly forgotten upon the discovery of this shirt dress.  I have a silk Theory shirt dress that I bought at Lord & Taylor prior to moving to Miami that is still in incredible shape.  I’ve honestly probably had that very staple, gray (obviously), silk dress of perfection for 5 years.  I am 100 percent positive I picked this up on sale back then too and I most DEFINITELY got my money’s worth.

So, I still stick to my mission.  In theory, why on Earth would I buy poorer quality, “less expensive” brands at full price when can get trusted quality for nearly the same?  To each their own but I’m going to have to agree with Kanye on his Bound 2 judgement of the women who “rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty.”  Not to say I won’t occasionally pick up something there and I am most definitely not 30 but, (another Ye lyric) do better.

theory striped shirt dress

I picked up this new Theory striped, silk, shirt dress for $40 from originally $130.  I’ve worn it twice thus far, once as more of a cover up on an overcast day hanging at Hyde Beach at SLS.   More recently, pictured here, I wore it with my staple faves, an American Apparel bodysuit and my BDG distressed denim to work and stopping by my friend’s studio during the photo class she teaches after work.  I saved $90 and I’d like to see any dress that’s retail price is $40 come close to this one.

I mean, Kanye also defined what one good girl is worth, too and I couldn’t agree more.   Quality over everything, uh-huh honey.

xo Rae