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Wearing clothes during Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week

Resortwear, yikes, uncharted territory for me.  I was ready to go all out too, head to toe, had it not rained a record breaking 6.8 inches on the day of Ocean Drive Magazine’s MBFWSWIM Party.  This deterred my turquoise necklace and nude Rebecca Minkoff strappy shoes I had planned on wearing, nonetheless resortwear prevailed.

I know resortwear has a common place in modern fashion but for the love of the future and spirit of millenials interested in fashion, can we come up with a more modern name?  Regardless, I learned last Wednesday that resortwear is indeed accommodating of heightened humidity while entering my fourth summer spent in Miami, my hair on the other hand, still is not.

As mentioned a couple friends and I attended Ocean Drive’s Wednesday evening party at The Social Club inside the Surfcomber and finished the evening at Rose Bar in the Delano which is where the below bathroom selfie was shot.  Rain aside, this seemed like the most appropriate time to debut salmon pants.

french connection drawstring salmon silk pants

During another one of our daily, Miami summer, downpours the weekend prior, I picked up these drawstring, silky (SUPER LONG), salmon pants from the French Connection on Lincoln Road.  Originally $130, because the Lincoln Road location seems to be more of an outlet (for some strange reason) in the dead center of the tourist laden, people watching mecca of Miami, they were marked down to $99.  They were also offering an additional 50% discount on sale items bringing the pants to $49.50.  As stated previously, due to the longer length I need pants at, I’ll almost always splurge but at this price I would’ve bought a second pair had they come in any other colors.

xo Rae