Daily Archives: July 22, 2013

sam edelman sandals


I am fortunate (I suppose) enough to have a friend here from my hometown who, although may not have always been as close as we are now, I have essentially known my entire life.  Being so far from home it is really great to have someone that just gets you.  Whether it’s our similar upbringings, mutual guilty pleasure of less than eloquent hip-hop lyrics or our similar attitude, there is certainly something to be said about a good friend that can tell you they hate your shoes without any consequences.

As Joey used to call one of my old pair of gladiators, “300 wheels”, I couldn’t help but shake my head while anticipating his input on the new Sam Edelman’s I picked up Friday after work.  Let me clarify, translate, if you will.  Wheels being shoes and “300” referring the movie with a half clothed Gerard Butler.  You follow?  I vividly recall one afternoon, upon my arrival in Fort Lauderale him saying “Rae, you look great… from the ankles up.”  Friendship at it’s finest right there.

sam edelman sandals

I snagged these Sam Edelman’s on clearance at Marshall’s in Dolphin Mall.  From originally $120, marked down to $59.99, I picked them up for only $29.  At 76% off, I saved $91.

Seal of approval?  We’ll have to see.

xo Rae