Daily Archives: July 18, 2013

mixed metal ring

I insist

I mean, I’m a giver/helper/sharer for sure, but it is nice to receive… now and then, or as frequently as possible.

My favorite gifts though, are ones from people who know me best or mean the most to me.  Usually, those are the people I insist against them giving me anything.

Particularly, my Mom.  I am sure, should I ever become a Mom it’ll be difficult to not attempt to give my kids the World and then some mainly because it seems my Mom struggles with this.  I’m 28 and she still insists on birthday and Christmas gifts.  The only reason I’m ok with it is because I get to return the favor and give her some pretty rad gifts too and she did teach me how to shop so I trust she’ll get a good deal.

For my birthday this year, I picked out a two tone Michael Kors watch, silver and gold.  After waiting for Overstock.com’s stock to replenish I got my watch Memorial Day weekend from initially $240 to $210, not much better but definitely not retail.

Michael Kors two tone watch

On my most recent trip, Tour de Rae – a 10 day tour of the northeast across 4 states and beginning and ending with weddings, my Mom sat down with me and said after searching for nearly 6 years she found what she had wanted to give me for my college graduation.  She always said she wanted to get me a nice ring or piece of jewelry.  Honestly, I think I appreciate it now more than I would’ve then.  She picked up this beautiful two tone, yellow and white gold, green amethyst ring from the jewelry counter at TJMaxx.  From originally $300, she only paid $100 (which also made me feel a lot better accepting it as an adult).

mixed metal ring

So, to recap I received two beautiful mixed metal pieces of jewelry as gifts and my Mom paid $310 from originally $540.  See where I get it now?

xo Rae