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all black everything Pro Tip

We are deep in it right now, that midsummer heavy heat.  My AC breaking and being off for nearly 36 hours showed me the realest 70% humidity and “feels like” temp in the low 90s that I’ve ever encountered.  May or may not have been the toughest night of sleep and day worked from home ever, in history.  I found myself wondering how people even lived in South Florida prior to advanced air conditioning.  The heat was DEFINITELY getting to me.  Meanwhile, shout out to my NYers, your forecast this week is easily rivaling typical July, Miami days – good luck with your lack of air conditioning in so many places.

If you must, which I imagine some of you must, because I know I have to continue to wear a healthy amount of black clothing, consider this whilst shopping and inevitably, unintentionally going home with black clothes.

A certain degree of heat is reached, where wearing clothing seems purely unnecessary and unacceptable.  However, bathing suits or going fully nude are simply inappropriate in a lot of day to day settings.  So how, how does  one still wear black?

My Pro Tip for shopping black for the summer – if it feels like summer pjs or nearly as good a being in your birthday suit, buy it.  I am dead serious.  This is mainly applicable to maxi dresses but t-shirts have the feel too.  Some specific characteristics of a nearly naked feel are a material you like, a high degree of flowiness and easy to put on and take off.

nasty gal conquest maxi dress

The Conquest Maxi Dress from NastyGal.com is a perfect example.  Although it is a full length, all black dress it’s a great option for us color-shy people that aren’t interested in melting.  This dress has snaps, no buttons.  Snaps are fun and so 90s.  So far I’ve worn it to the longest brunch to date and to an afternoon at a friends pool.  At the pool I had it completely unsnapped like a cover up and to brunch I had it unsnapped up to right above my knee for optimal breeziness.  It was originally $88 and is marketing down to $66,  but I also scored an additional 20% and free shipping, bringing the total to $52.  Considering the amount of use this dress will get, it’s definitely work the $66 on the website.

It also comes in white, if you’re into that.

xo Rae