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me lee

take me back

That moment when your iTunes are on shuffle and you’re sitting in Starbucks because your air conditioning is broken.  It’s July in Miami and easily over 86 degrees in your bedroom and BAM a song comes on that…. takes you THERE, elsewhere.  You know where, it’s no where you should be reminded while trying to be productive in quiet environment nearing closing on Thursday evening.  You should be THERE with THOSE people enjoying it or minimally in your car so you can turn all the way up.  But alas, I’m…. um… your not.  Yea, that’s exactly what is going on tonight.

This feeling is exactly how I felt when my mom texted me “cleaning out your closet” attached to a pic of my favorite jean jacket that I wore until there were literal holes in it my freshman and sophomore years of college.  And it’s even older than that.  It’s my Mom’s Lee jean jacket from when she was 16 or 17, circa 1976.

vintage lee jean jacket 1970s 1976


I imagine this fit my teenage mother a little differently however, amazingly, the sleeves are long enough for me and it fits right at my natural waist, great spot for light jackets.  Although my mom did some minor fixes this jacket is worn to perfection.

In a quick online search I came across some similar vintage Lee jackets going for around $50.  This is surely less than you will find in a vintage shop and they certainly did not have this worn look or broken in feel.  Honestly, not just because I’m partial to my mom’s hand me downs none of them came close.

I can only imagine the upstate NY summer evenings and spring days this jacket has seen because I know how often I wore it in Springfield at school.  Some clothing just has THAT feeling, it takes you someplace else and its pure perfection.  Over thirty years later its mine, Miami and New York’s turn.

xo Rae

lee 2006

2006 at Springfield College