Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

upgrades and options

Years ago,  probably in 2009, where daily I’m realizing how much cooler I was, I picked up a beautiful leather, small, black cross body bag for $75 marked down from some ridiculous price that I don’t remember, from TJ Maxx.  Yes, I’ve always shopped like this.

Prior to my 10 days running around the northeast I ordered a beautiful new cross body, mainly to go out with.  The Ferragamo is my primary nighttime clutch and it has seen better days.  Unfortunately, I did not get my Gilt order in early enough for the bag to make the trip nor did I remember to have it sent to any of my crash spots, but like Kanye declares “how you gonna be mad on vacation?”   So upon my return to “the bottom”, I came home to a Gilt branded box, which can brighten any day even one that starts with saying bye bye to one of your besties at 4am outside of the airport.

This Kelsi Dagger, tastefully studded cross body, is much more of a statement type of bag, which works for me as I tend to wear predominantly black, neutrals and subtle jewelry.  It is black suede with a nude leather (which you know I can’t say no to) strap and has three pockets on the inside.  At $59.99 (before shipping) it was marked down from the 40% from the original $98.

kelsi dagger studded cross body purse gilt

Although it didn’t make the trip where it certainly would’ve been put to use, I wore it Friday night to Catch and SL Miami.  Mission accomplished.  Four years later, I have one staple black, worn to perfection, old cross body and a brand new upgraded statement option.  And I love options.

xo Rae