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transit on the Tour de Rae

A mistake or negative experience isn’t all that bad if you learn from it.  Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Waste a couple dollars on some rookie moves?  Don’t let it happen again.  Over Memorial Day when I was in NY for only 3 days, I blew through over $20 on my MetroCard and managed to perfect amateur hour by taking at least three $30+ cab rides between Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Not this time.

Lesson learned.  Not only did I know I was going to be there for five days, I knew that I was going to making a lot of solo moves as I was only working two days and was going to try and get some QT in with as many people as possible.  Upon my Monday arrival, I immediately purchased the $30, unlimited week MetroCard.  Below is a list of (most of) my moves in the five days.

Franklin Ave (Crown Heights, Brooklyn) to Nevins St (Brooklyn), roundtrip
Franklin Ave  to Grand Street (LES), one way
Franklin Ave to Nevins, one way
Nevins to Atlantic/Barclays (Brooklyn), one way
Atlantic/Barclays to Franklin Ave, one way
Franklin Ave to Union Square, round trip
Franklin Ave to Nevins, round trip
Franklin Ave to Prince St, one way
Spring St to Union Square, one way
Union Square to Franklin Ave, round trip
Franklin Ave to Atlantic/Barclays, round trip
Court St/Borough Hall (Brooklyn) to 28th Street (Manhattan), one way
33rd Street to Essex Street (East Villiage), one way
Delancy Street (East Villiage) to Canal Street (Soho), one way
Spring Street to Franklin Ave, one way

Each one way fare is $2.50.  The above listed travels could have run me about $50 and although the weekly unlimited ride MetroCard is good for 7 days, I used it for 5 and saved minimally $2o, which ended up covering nearly my entire bus fare to Springfield during my northeastern summer tour.  Safe and smart travels everyone!

xo Rae

transit love