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american apparel denim circle skirt

shopping on the Tour de Rae

Shopping on the Tour de Rae wasn’t supposed to happen.  And, quite honestly, for the most part, it didn’t.  The Tour de Rae consisted of two weddings on bookend weekends in Upstate NY and in Beverly, MA, separated by 5 days in NYC and ending with a Sunday in Boston, yesterday.  With a wide variety of options, the amount of shopping I resisted is commendable (but you should totally check the 20 percent off everything NastyGal.com sale going on now).

Wednesday evening I was trying to connect with one of my guy friends that likes shopping equally (if not more) as me which was good because I could shop with him, for him and not myself.  In our evening plan making we were both separately trying to get to the gym and run some errands prior to meeting in Soho.  I arrived, surprisingly, on time, by 8:15.  Consequently, I ended up having about 30 minutes to kill.  Instead of opting for the few streets I am most familiar with, I found myself on Lafayette in some resemblance of an American Apparel outlet.  Destiny?  Probably.  You should definitely stop by.

I exercised extreme self-control and walked out with simply one skirt.  The high-waisted denim circle skirt was originally (and is still available on the website) for $52.  I got mine for $35 which is about a third off.  Circle skirts are awesome because they fit on your natural waist and are flattering over your hips.  Big hips, big fan, two thumbs up.

american apparel denim circle skirt

I ended up wearing it out to lunch with my combat boots and a sleeveless collared shirt Friday afternoon running around the city visiting people. And although I returned to Miami with more stuff than I left with this is only 1 of 2 items I bought during my 10 days out of Miami.  Hash tag PROUD.

xo Rae