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thank you nastgal

cheap Monday

With my upcoming move and backlog of blog post drafts, shopping (and going out, ugh) have become  FAR less frequent, unfortunately.  However, after staying in most the weekend and refraining from from walking into the mall, I did find myself perusing around NastyGal.com’s sale section on my iPad.

Up until recently, I regularly browsed the site but never really purchased.  Between the somewhat higher prices and the fact that I didn’t know how most their brands fit, it just didn’t make sense.  However, I had come across this one pair of jeans REPEATEDLY.  Due to my figure/height, finding anything besides basic denim is a depressing rarity.  I just got my first pair of destroyed denim jeans within the last year.  THE. STRUGGLE.  Back to this pair, gray, acid wash-ish, high-waisted (10-inch, my faves), “second skin” (read: stetchy), need I go on?

Further, I will pay more for jeans for multiple reasons.  1. I wear them every day as I work in a casual office.  2. I am very particular about my fit and prefer not to wear belts.  3.  Obviously, at nearly 6 feet tall, finding something that actually fits properly is unlikely and infrequent.

But at $3o and free return shipping, might as well try these Cheap Mondays out.  Delivery was only $8 for priority, gracing me with my new jeans yesterday, Wednesday, two days after ordering and two days prior to my Tour de Rae Rae, 10 days in the northeast kicking off Friday.  From originally $75, even with shipping, I saved $37, just about 50%.

cheap monday high waisted acid wash jeans nasty gal

So, when shopping for denim online (dangerous, but so worth it) stick to styles and brands you know fit.  If that isn’t the case, free return shipping and/or the sale section is the way to go.

I can’t wait to wear these with denim tops or out with a black crop or with any of my 23 pairs of black boots or when I finally get out of the house this week!

xo Rae

thank you nastgal