Daily Archives: June 18, 2013

UO crochet top

respect your elders

Crochet and embroidery, not activities I regularly partake in.  However, crochet and embroidery two trends that I did purchase.  Verbs vs. nouns, as verbs – no, as nouns – yes.  That’s your grammar lesson for today.  And although crocheting and embroidery are not two skills I picked up from either of my grandmothers, they are most certainly two summer trends that I will be wearing.  Seems the little old ladies have been on to something all along.

On the same day, at Urban Outfitters I got a little post-Memorial Day happy (even though rules don’t seem to apply in Miami… to anything, which is another story on it’s own) and tried on multiple crocheted/embroidered looking tops and skirts.  I managed to walk out with one of each, just in time for summer to FINALLY hit us with the heat.

UO crochet top homies snapback

Above, I picked up this Kimchi Blue top for $19.99 from $44.  I wore it to the beach with my favorite cut offs, my American Apparel bikini and my Homies snapback late Sunday Saturday afternoon.

circle skirt embroidered UO

And on the same shopping spree I got this perfect embroidered circle skirt, also from Kimchi Blue for $10.  Yes, less than you will spend on your lunch today, $10 from $49.

I picked up both at the UO location on South Beach, on Collins.  Total, I spent $29.99 and saved $63.01.   Finally, some summer clothes just in time for clothing to become optional.

xo Rae