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the time is now

“We need to write the new rules”

Jay-Z broke the internet during Game 5 of the NBA Finals last night.

How did we know an album leaked before Twitter?  Jay’s right, the internet is the modern day Wild West.  Did we go to the mixtape shop (act like you don’t know or I could be dating myself) and get a hard copy?  Music forums?  Did we mass email our friends?  For real, I don’t have the faintest recollection.  I mean obviously, we could download it but how did we know it was available before ad budgets were big enough to captivate audiences with a studio session featuring Hova, Rick Rubin, Swizz, Timbaland and Skateboard P?!

In the last two weeks, two albums, sharing a June 18 release date, that were easily both in the running to be dubbed “album of the summer”, (prior to Mr. Carter’s announcement) leaked and two artists handled it entirely different.  Kanye privately bugged out causing Kim to go into early labor (unofficially).  J. Cole accepted it and made the entire album available to be streamed on the title wielding website, www.BornSinner.com.  In my opinion, J. Cole handled in SUPERBLY.  Kind of the same idea some people have behind legalizing marijuana, you follow?  Make it available and perhaps the desire to illegally download decreases?   Maybe not, but by him making it available to be streamed, so quickly, I didn’t even consider downloading it and I’ve been listening to it daily, because it’s AMAZING.  On the other hand, Yeezus leaked Friday morning by 11am EDT.   Rough 24 hours for him, Happy Father’s Day Ye.   With so many “unofficial” links, I regret not downloading it but don’t feel like putting in the effort to do so. I’ve opted to just play Bound 2 on repeat until tomorrow.  Reality.

However, I am definitely not suggesting illegal downloads.  I am suggesting free downloads.  There’s a difference and you have options.  Maybe it isn’t the highly anticipated YEEZUS, projections in different cities or whatever will unfold between today and July 4, Magna Carta Holy Grail, but broaden your horizon.  You have legitimate options.

First and foremost, if you love music  enough to selfishly, illegally download full albums, for the love of the internet, get on Twitter.  There are tons of music blogs and websites with new music from established and new artists, all day, everyday.  It’s mainly streaming music but there are frequently download links too.  Here’s a start:

@pitchforkmedia and @thefader – EVERYTHING OF ANY MUSICAL IMPORTANCE

The aforementioned are the two most established ones I follow – if you don’t know, now ya know.

A couple of my personal  favorites include:

@maxg718 of EliteDaily.com – Reviews, news and tracks for days, all genres, well… all genres that matter.

@definitelynah of nahright.com – Hip. Hop. New. York.  That is all.

Follow DJs for free mix downloads and your favorite artists to support, maybe you’ll get lucky.  Here some five finger discount/free ninety-nine entire LPs/EPs/tracks/remixes/my favorites and how I got them.  All you really have to do is look.

Cole Summer, yea his album comes out June 18 but he put out a 6 track FREE EP via Twitter (@JcoleNC) in the middle of the night on April 30.  I saw it and managed to get very little sleep staying up listening to it.  Did he really sample L. Boogie and D’angelo’s track, Nothing Even Matters (one of my all time faves)?  Yes, he did.  No brainer, download it on here on his soundcloud.

Leather Weather by newcomer, Boy/friend.  Just on the title and his name alone (@Boyslashfriend), you should want to download this LP.  If you don’t trust my judgement, (whatever, you should) The Fader’s, Duncan Cooper says three of the tracks “hit hard as hell”.  One of those  being my favorite, “Time Spent”, with the (spoiler alert) AALIYAH SAMPLE. Go, go on, press play, right click, open in new tab to his soundcloud and download, thank me later.

The last little morsel of free musical goodness I have for you is a Miguel remix by Cashmere Cat.  Personally, I’m obsessed.  Get with it or don’t, it’s free and amazing.  Like every track Miguel is on, when he comes in over the smooth beginning of this remix… I (as I’m sure many other women are) am rendered speechless.  Then you get to experience Mr. Cat do his thing and it’s game over.  You can download this track and Cashmere Cat’s EP, Mirror Maru from his Soundcloud as well.

Between these 15 FREE LEGAL DOWNLOADS, 4 music websites/blogs and the ability to lose yourself in the internet, this should hold you over until tomorrow when Born Sinner and Yeezus are available on iTunes, which will get you until Wale’s, The Gifted, inevitably leaks prior to its June 25 release date, which brings us right up to July 4.  The man said he’s just going to  “finish the album and drop it.”  I. CAN’T. WAIT.

xo Rae