Daily Archives: June 11, 2013


what’s in a name?

Double you eye tee tee ee, pronounced witty, my last name.  Oddly enough, it suits me well.

Witty [wit-ee] – adjective

  • Entertainingly and strikingly clever or original in concept, design, or performance (oo la la).
  • Amusingly sharp in perception and expression.
  • Characterized by quick and inventive humor.


I kind of identify with wittiness, and sarcasm but that’s a funny last name.  Today, there isn’t any astronomical savings (however there will be tomorrow, I promise), today I have something to tell you.   After three years in Miami, I am returning to the north east.

Hello Brooklyn, how you doing?  Where you going?  And can I come too?


By fall, I’ll be moving to Brooklyn.

What started as an outlet for my constant (witty at times) chatter,  I hope will help achieve my goal – get closer to my family.  Conveniently, NYC is home to the largest population of Discount Diary readers, with  my hometown, Utica, NY coming in a close second.  I figured, in somewhat of an opportunistic, job searching, millennial, self-promoting, marketing experiment, I am breaking from sharing my shopping adventures for this one day to announce the news and take the opportunity request help.  It’s all about who ya know right?  Well, I know you all, so any introductions, recommendations and/or referrals that you can make would be greatly appreciated.  For those of you I don’t know personally and that are unfamiliar with my background, I regularly talk to strangers, love introducing friends/colleagues/family/pets to each other, and I strive to maintain being everyone’s go-to girl.  If I can’t personally help you, please believe I’ll find someone I trust who can.  I have over 5 years of experience in marketing specializing in email, social media and events and I moonlight as a budget-savvy blogger.  I have worked in a wide variety of fields including IT,  nightlife and wedding industries.  I’d love to be back in a Community Manager-esque role.

Take a minute and connect with me on LinkedIn.  Email me at TheDiscountDiary [at] gmail [dot] com.

Let everybody know, I’m coming home!

xo Rae