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On Tuesday, last week I was reminded by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society chair person who had nominated me for the Dade County Man & Woman of the Year campaign, “Rae, we got a party to go to Saturday.”  I’m not quite sure how it slipped my mind but my good friend Matt texted me to ensure I would be in attendance and naturally my initial response was, “OMG… what am I going to wear?”  Yes, obviously I was attending!  Not only is it a great time, it’s an incredible cause that I campaigned 10 weeks for and harassed all of you to donate to.

So, back to Tuesday, what to wear, what to wear….?  And where to shop?  And how was I going to figure this out with just a few days? For once, I was dreading the malls.  Perhaps it was the nearly two weeks straight of daily thunderstorms, regardless, regretfully having let this slip my mind, I wanted to make a decision and be done with this ASAP.  Consciously, in no mood to spend hours after work the next couple days shopping, I visited ASOS on my iPad from my co-workers car en route to lunch.  By 2 pm I was yolo-ing heavily, guessing on a size from a brand I’d never worn but this dress… I had to have it.

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique mikey

At an astounding $50, this was a no brainer and I did not feel one pang of regret paying extra for the express shipping.  This is surely a dress I will wear again.  In the last size available, I ordered the ASOS Midi Dress With Beading And Applique from ASOS.com.  Marked from from $101, the dress was about 50% off and even with my $11 shipping costs, I still  saved $40.

It came in this cream and black.  I highly recommend it.  It runs a little on the bigger size and is very stretchy.  Go on now, go check it out.  It was just perfect for the Broward County Man & Woman of the Year, Champions of Hope Gala and our later, celebratory festivities at the Hard Rock.  Look at these pics and this dress makes me want to go put it back on and pop open another bottle of champagne, ugh Monday.

xo Rae

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique joey

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique sacco