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BDG denim barIII dress joie aldo hi-tops

cold feet

A common side effect of ambivalence is cold feet.  I challenge you to think of one positive thing about having cold feet.  The wish-washy-ness is either effecting someone else, failing something that was planned to fulfill oneself, or more literally, needing a warm, fuzzy pair of socks.

Fortunately, ambivalence is something that I, not only cannot relate to but will take precautionary measures to avoid.  People are easy, make your own decisions for you and you’re good, but summer in Miami has an unsettling, daily degree of uncertainty.  Almost everyday the forecast consists of sun, high humidity, clouds, showers and possible thunderstorms.  Additionally, I really hate cold feet, figuratively and literally.

Like that ex-boyfriend that shows such great signs of trying and improving only to inevitably drop the ball, the sun has been out almost every morning, only to be raining just in time for the commute home.  To combat the fluctuating, contradicting weather and ward off potentially wet toes in an air-conditioned room (hell), my footwear has been strictly sneakers and boots.

poolside bar III shirt dress BDG jeans aldo hi-tops joie top

Now, to maintain in this state irresolute, it’s all about versatility.  I wore a pair of BDG distressed denim jeans that have never graced the blog.  They were originally $76 and I grabbed them for $24 at Urban Outfitters.  With them, I wore an eggshell colored, loose, silky tank (by Joie, not on the blog), my Aldo hi-tops and (here’s the dealbreaker/outfit-maker) my bar III shirt dress.  I have worn that shirt dress in so many different combos, during different seasons, in different cities!   Check it out below!

So… to recap, know what you like and don’t like, stay prepared utilizing versatility, do you and carry an umbrella, just in case you get caught out in the rain.

xo Rae

bar III shirt dress

Clockwise from the top left:
At Bounce in NYC with Yosh and Anthony, January 2013
At the Carrier Dome, Syracuse v. Louisville game with Matty, March 2013
Going to Lava at Turning Stone Resort & Casino, with Meggy, Fallon and Joa, March 2013
At  the Fontainebleau, in Miami, April 2013
nike in season trainer womens gray pink instagram

just do it

If I told you the last time I bought sneakers to run or workout it, you wouldn’t believe that I was an NCAA athlete during all four years of college.  Currently, I prefer to do workouts that do not resemble running when I am solo.  I truly wish I loved to run but I like to swim, do yoga-esque stretches, rollerblade and do free and body weight exercises at home, none of which require sneakers.  I mean, I own old Nike Shocks, Puma flats and volleyball Aasics but I would probably not wear any of them around other humans I know personally.

Lately, though, I have been having this sneaking sensation resembling a desire to run.  My close friends are definitely laughing right now, but really, it wouldn’t kill me to jog.  Further, it’s been raining so much my rollerblading has suffered.  A wet pavement and skates are not my safest option.

Friday evening I headed to DSW on the last day my $5 off, birthday reward was valid.  Nothing particularly sparked my interest or fell within what I was looking to spend.  The time had finally come to get myself a pair of kicks to run in.  I tried on the Women’s Nike  In-Season Trainers.  They have a comfy fit and seem super breathable.  They were on clearance, so from originally $72, they were marked down to $42.  I also picked up a six-pack of Aasics girly colored socks at $12.95 from $18.00.  With my $5 birthday discount, I ended up paying $49.95 and saving about $40.

nike in season trainer womens gray pink instagram

So far I’ve run late to work in them and ran a couple errands.  I think I am getting the hang of this.

xo Rae