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nine west nude wedges

I can’t turn down nude leather

My buddy Jerry and I had an hour and a half to kill prior to needing to get ready before a late Saturday evening Yardbird reservation while he was visiting in May.  So I showed him the Aventura DSW with no intention of purchasing anything but we all know how that goes. Just when you aren’t looking, well you know, some opportunities are hard to pass up, particularly, extremely, versatile wedges that scream pure perfection.

nine west nude wedges

God, I love neutrals.  From originally $98 to $49.99, I picked up these Nine West wedges for just about 50% off.  I’ve since worn them to dinner that night with a pale yellow dress, to pool parties, to church for a midday wedding and with my favorite distressed denim.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND picking up a pair for the summer.

xo Rae


thank you nastgal

cheap Monday

With my upcoming move and backlog of blog post drafts, shopping (and going out, ugh) have become  FAR less frequent, unfortunately.  However, after staying in most the weekend and refraining from from walking into the mall, I did find myself perusing around’s sale section on my iPad.

Up until recently, I regularly browsed the site but never really purchased.  Between the somewhat higher prices and the fact that I didn’t know how most their brands fit, it just didn’t make sense.  However, I had come across this one pair of jeans REPEATEDLY.  Due to my figure/height, finding anything besides basic denim is a depressing rarity.  I just got my first pair of destroyed denim jeans within the last year.  THE. STRUGGLE.  Back to this pair, gray, acid wash-ish, high-waisted (10-inch, my faves), “second skin” (read: stetchy), need I go on?

Further, I will pay more for jeans for multiple reasons.  1. I wear them every day as I work in a casual office.  2. I am very particular about my fit and prefer not to wear belts.  3.  Obviously, at nearly 6 feet tall, finding something that actually fits properly is unlikely and infrequent.

But at $3o and free return shipping, might as well try these Cheap Mondays out.  Delivery was only $8 for priority, gracing me with my new jeans yesterday, Wednesday, two days after ordering and two days prior to my Tour de Rae Rae, 10 days in the northeast kicking off Friday.  From originally $75, even with shipping, I saved $37, just about 50%.

cheap monday high waisted acid wash jeans nasty gal

So, when shopping for denim online (dangerous, but so worth it) stick to styles and brands you know fit.  If that isn’t the case, free return shipping and/or the sale section is the way to go.

I can’t wait to wear these with denim tops or out with a black crop or with any of my 23 pairs of black boots or when I finally get out of the house this week!

xo Rae

thank you nastgal

UO crochet top

respect your elders

Crochet and embroidery, not activities I regularly partake in.  However, crochet and embroidery two trends that I did purchase.  Verbs vs. nouns, as verbs – no, as nouns – yes.  That’s your grammar lesson for today.  And although crocheting and embroidery are not two skills I picked up from either of my grandmothers, they are most certainly two summer trends that I will be wearing.  Seems the little old ladies have been on to something all along.

On the same day, at Urban Outfitters I got a little post-Memorial Day happy (even though rules don’t seem to apply in Miami… to anything, which is another story on it’s own) and tried on multiple crocheted/embroidered looking tops and skirts.  I managed to walk out with one of each, just in time for summer to FINALLY hit us with the heat.

UO crochet top homies snapback

Above, I picked up this Kimchi Blue top for $19.99 from $44.  I wore it to the beach with my favorite cut offs, my American Apparel bikini and my Homies snapback late Sunday Saturday afternoon.

circle skirt embroidered UO

And on the same shopping spree I got this perfect embroidered circle skirt, also from Kimchi Blue for $10.  Yes, less than you will spend on your lunch today, $10 from $49.

I picked up both at the UO location on South Beach, on Collins.  Total, I spent $29.99 and saved $63.01.   Finally, some summer clothes just in time for clothing to become optional.

xo Rae

the time is now

“We need to write the new rules”

Jay-Z broke the internet during Game 5 of the NBA Finals last night.

How did we know an album leaked before Twitter?  Jay’s right, the internet is the modern day Wild West.  Did we go to the mixtape shop (act like you don’t know or I could be dating myself) and get a hard copy?  Music forums?  Did we mass email our friends?  For real, I don’t have the faintest recollection.  I mean obviously, we could download it but how did we know it was available before ad budgets were big enough to captivate audiences with a studio session featuring Hova, Rick Rubin, Swizz, Timbaland and Skateboard P?!

In the last two weeks, two albums, sharing a June 18 release date, that were easily both in the running to be dubbed “album of the summer”, (prior to Mr. Carter’s announcement) leaked and two artists handled it entirely different.  Kanye privately bugged out causing Kim to go into early labor (unofficially).  J. Cole accepted it and made the entire album available to be streamed on the title wielding website,  In my opinion, J. Cole handled in SUPERBLY.  Kind of the same idea some people have behind legalizing marijuana, you follow?  Make it available and perhaps the desire to illegally download decreases?   Maybe not, but by him making it available to be streamed, so quickly, I didn’t even consider downloading it and I’ve been listening to it daily, because it’s AMAZING.  On the other hand, Yeezus leaked Friday morning by 11am EDT.   Rough 24 hours for him, Happy Father’s Day Ye.   With so many “unofficial” links, I regret not downloading it but don’t feel like putting in the effort to do so. I’ve opted to just play Bound 2 on repeat until tomorrow.  Reality.

However, I am definitely not suggesting illegal downloads.  I am suggesting free downloads.  There’s a difference and you have options.  Maybe it isn’t the highly anticipated YEEZUS, projections in different cities or whatever will unfold between today and July 4, Magna Carta Holy Grail, but broaden your horizon.  You have legitimate options.

First and foremost, if you love music  enough to selfishly, illegally download full albums, for the love of the internet, get on Twitter.  There are tons of music blogs and websites with new music from established and new artists, all day, everyday.  It’s mainly streaming music but there are frequently download links too.  Here’s a start:

@pitchforkmedia and @thefader – EVERYTHING OF ANY MUSICAL IMPORTANCE

The aforementioned are the two most established ones I follow – if you don’t know, now ya know.

A couple of my personal  favorites include:

@maxg718 of – Reviews, news and tracks for days, all genres, well… all genres that matter.

@definitelynah of – Hip. Hop. New. York.  That is all.

Follow DJs for free mix downloads and your favorite artists to support, maybe you’ll get lucky.  Here some five finger discount/free ninety-nine entire LPs/EPs/tracks/remixes/my favorites and how I got them.  All you really have to do is look.

Cole Summer, yea his album comes out June 18 but he put out a 6 track FREE EP via Twitter (@JcoleNC) in the middle of the night on April 30.  I saw it and managed to get very little sleep staying up listening to it.  Did he really sample L. Boogie and D’angelo’s track, Nothing Even Matters (one of my all time faves)?  Yes, he did.  No brainer, download it on here on his soundcloud.

Leather Weather by newcomer, Boy/friend.  Just on the title and his name alone (@Boyslashfriend), you should want to download this LP.  If you don’t trust my judgement, (whatever, you should) The Fader’s, Duncan Cooper says three of the tracks “hit hard as hell”.  One of those  being my favorite, “Time Spent”, with the (spoiler alert) AALIYAH SAMPLE. Go, go on, press play, right click, open in new tab to his soundcloud and download, thank me later.

The last little morsel of free musical goodness I have for you is a Miguel remix by Cashmere Cat.  Personally, I’m obsessed.  Get with it or don’t, it’s free and amazing.  Like every track Miguel is on, when he comes in over the smooth beginning of this remix… I (as I’m sure many other women are) am rendered speechless.  Then you get to experience Mr. Cat do his thing and it’s game over.  You can download this track and Cashmere Cat’s EP, Mirror Maru from his Soundcloud as well.

Between these 15 FREE LEGAL DOWNLOADS, 4 music websites/blogs and the ability to lose yourself in the internet, this should hold you over until tomorrow when Born Sinner and Yeezus are available on iTunes, which will get you until Wale’s, The Gifted, inevitably leaks prior to its June 25 release date, which brings us right up to July 4.  The man said he’s just going to  “finish the album and drop it.”  I. CAN’T. WAIT.

xo Rae


what’s in a name?

Double you eye tee tee ee, pronounced witty, my last name.  Oddly enough, it suits me well.

Witty [wit-ee] – adjective

  • Entertainingly and strikingly clever or original in concept, design, or performance (oo la la).
  • Amusingly sharp in perception and expression.
  • Characterized by quick and inventive humor.


I kind of identify with wittiness, and sarcasm but that’s a funny last name.  Today, there isn’t any astronomical savings (however there will be tomorrow, I promise), today I have something to tell you.   After three years in Miami, I am returning to the north east.

Hello Brooklyn, how you doing?  Where you going?  And can I come too?


By fall, I’ll be moving to Brooklyn.

What started as an outlet for my constant (witty at times) chatter,  I hope will help achieve my goal – get closer to my family.  Conveniently, NYC is home to the largest population of Discount Diary readers, with  my hometown, Utica, NY coming in a close second.  I figured, in somewhat of an opportunistic, job searching, millennial, self-promoting, marketing experiment, I am breaking from sharing my shopping adventures for this one day to announce the news and take the opportunity request help.  It’s all about who ya know right?  Well, I know you all, so any introductions, recommendations and/or referrals that you can make would be greatly appreciated.  For those of you I don’t know personally and that are unfamiliar with my background, I regularly talk to strangers, love introducing friends/colleagues/family/pets to each other, and I strive to maintain being everyone’s go-to girl.  If I can’t personally help you, please believe I’ll find someone I trust who can.  I have over 5 years of experience in marketing specializing in email, social media and events and I moonlight as a budget-savvy blogger.  I have worked in a wide variety of fields including IT,  nightlife and wedding industries.  I’d love to be back in a Community Manager-esque role.

Take a minute and connect with me on LinkedIn.  Email me at TheDiscountDiary [at] gmail [dot] com.

Let everybody know, I’m coming home!

xo Rae

mikey roses

under pressure

On Tuesday, last week I was reminded by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society chair person who had nominated me for the Dade County Man & Woman of the Year campaign, “Rae, we got a party to go to Saturday.”  I’m not quite sure how it slipped my mind but my good friend Matt texted me to ensure I would be in attendance and naturally my initial response was, “OMG… what am I going to wear?”  Yes, obviously I was attending!  Not only is it a great time, it’s an incredible cause that I campaigned 10 weeks for and harassed all of you to donate to.

So, back to Tuesday, what to wear, what to wear….?  And where to shop?  And how was I going to figure this out with just a few days? For once, I was dreading the malls.  Perhaps it was the nearly two weeks straight of daily thunderstorms, regardless, regretfully having let this slip my mind, I wanted to make a decision and be done with this ASAP.  Consciously, in no mood to spend hours after work the next couple days shopping, I visited ASOS on my iPad from my co-workers car en route to lunch.  By 2 pm I was yolo-ing heavily, guessing on a size from a brand I’d never worn but this dress… I had to have it.

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique mikey

At an astounding $50, this was a no brainer and I did not feel one pang of regret paying extra for the express shipping.  This is surely a dress I will wear again.  In the last size available, I ordered the ASOS Midi Dress With Beading And Applique from  Marked from from $101, the dress was about 50% off and even with my $11 shipping costs, I still  saved $40.

It came in this cream and black.  I highly recommend it.  It runs a little on the bigger size and is very stretchy.  Go on now, go check it out.  It was just perfect for the Broward County Man & Woman of the Year, Champions of Hope Gala and our later, celebratory festivities at the Hard Rock.  Look at these pics and this dress makes me want to go put it back on and pop open another bottle of champagne, ugh Monday.

xo Rae

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique joey

asos Midi Dress With Beading And Applique sacco

BDG denim barIII dress joie aldo hi-tops

cold feet

A common side effect of ambivalence is cold feet.  I challenge you to think of one positive thing about having cold feet.  The wish-washy-ness is either effecting someone else, failing something that was planned to fulfill oneself, or more literally, needing a warm, fuzzy pair of socks.

Fortunately, ambivalence is something that I, not only cannot relate to but will take precautionary measures to avoid.  People are easy, make your own decisions for you and you’re good, but summer in Miami has an unsettling, daily degree of uncertainty.  Almost everyday the forecast consists of sun, high humidity, clouds, showers and possible thunderstorms.  Additionally, I really hate cold feet, figuratively and literally.

Like that ex-boyfriend that shows such great signs of trying and improving only to inevitably drop the ball, the sun has been out almost every morning, only to be raining just in time for the commute home.  To combat the fluctuating, contradicting weather and ward off potentially wet toes in an air-conditioned room (hell), my footwear has been strictly sneakers and boots.

poolside bar III shirt dress BDG jeans aldo hi-tops joie top

Now, to maintain in this state irresolute, it’s all about versatility.  I wore a pair of BDG distressed denim jeans that have never graced the blog.  They were originally $76 and I grabbed them for $24 at Urban Outfitters.  With them, I wore an eggshell colored, loose, silky tank (by Joie, not on the blog), my Aldo hi-tops and (here’s the dealbreaker/outfit-maker) my bar III shirt dress.  I have worn that shirt dress in so many different combos, during different seasons, in different cities!   Check it out below!

So… to recap, know what you like and don’t like, stay prepared utilizing versatility, do you and carry an umbrella, just in case you get caught out in the rain.

xo Rae

bar III shirt dress

Clockwise from the top left:
At Bounce in NYC with Yosh and Anthony, January 2013
At the Carrier Dome, Syracuse v. Louisville game with Matty, March 2013
Going to Lava at Turning Stone Resort & Casino, with Meggy, Fallon and Joa, March 2013
At  the Fontainebleau, in Miami, April 2013
nike in season trainer womens gray pink instagram

just do it

If I told you the last time I bought sneakers to run or workout it, you wouldn’t believe that I was an NCAA athlete during all four years of college.  Currently, I prefer to do workouts that do not resemble running when I am solo.  I truly wish I loved to run but I like to swim, do yoga-esque stretches, rollerblade and do free and body weight exercises at home, none of which require sneakers.  I mean, I own old Nike Shocks, Puma flats and volleyball Aasics but I would probably not wear any of them around other humans I know personally.

Lately, though, I have been having this sneaking sensation resembling a desire to run.  My close friends are definitely laughing right now, but really, it wouldn’t kill me to jog.  Further, it’s been raining so much my rollerblading has suffered.  A wet pavement and skates are not my safest option.

Friday evening I headed to DSW on the last day my $5 off, birthday reward was valid.  Nothing particularly sparked my interest or fell within what I was looking to spend.  The time had finally come to get myself a pair of kicks to run in.  I tried on the Women’s Nike  In-Season Trainers.  They have a comfy fit and seem super breathable.  They were on clearance, so from originally $72, they were marked down to $42.  I also picked up a six-pack of Aasics girly colored socks at $12.95 from $18.00.  With my $5 birthday discount, I ended up paying $49.95 and saving about $40.

nike in season trainer womens gray pink instagram

So far I’ve run late to work in them and ran a couple errands.  I think I am getting the hang of this.

xo Rae


brooklyn rain may

May Inventory

From the below list of purchases, I think it’s finally become evident that summer is upon us.  Lightweight tees and flowier (definitely made this word up) pieces filled my shopping bags this month.  However, aside from the first week, May was particularly rainy AND there are some buys that simply didn’t make it into this months posts that will overflow into June.

So here it is, saving nearly 63% and even providing some tips on selling back some of your items, the close of the month of May.

Purchase Original Actual
Aldo hi-tops $65 $65
BCBG silky romper $98 $33
Silence & Noise open front cardigan $59.99 $29.99
BCBGeneration floral shorts $78 $32
bar III cat sweatshirt $69 $24
Metallic Michael Kors tote $248 $5
bar III sweetheart seamed white tee $39.99 $23.40
Alternative Apparel sweatshirt $48 $28.80
Nasty Gal, Missing Pieces top $48 $36
bar III “not a t-shirt” tee $39 $18
Total $793 $295

Look for some new mommy friendly posts this month and plenty of new summer wear.  I would ESPECIALLY appreciate some contributions from the men in my life.  Email me at TheDiscountDiary[at]


xo Rae

brooklyn rain may