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bar III french t-shirt

tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Men that speak a foreign language, dreamy right?  Ehh, perhaps to some that are probably also obsessed with the infamous Christian Grey.  I’m unimpressed, possibly a little jaded and very confident you probably don’t want my honest opinion on those of you that read through the 50 Shades series as though your lives depended on it.  Because, realistically who really wants to know the truth?  We hear it everyday – the truth, the realest, so I know that it’s real, “if I didn’t do this, then I wouldn’t feel that”… blah, blah, blah.  Save it.  Sugarcoat it, stick a pretty little bow on it and hand it over, because that’s the easiest thing to do, right?  If you absolutely must do it,  for the love of God get away with it.

As I have previously mentioned, I consistently fail at bringing home casual t-shirts and in my latest plight for the softest ever, I’ve come across some greats.  Perhaps not the softest ever (when I say perhaps, I’m sugarcoating, definitely, not the softest), but I love them still.  Aside from the sweetheart seamed, white tee, I picked up another bar III top.  Neutral, check. Lightweight, check.  Nice fit, check.  On sale, obviously, it’s a t-shirt and with some magical combination of Macy’s discounts it was marked down from $39 to $18.

bar III french t-shirt

So, as we can see, it says “ceci n’est pas un t-shirt” and as the non-French speaking American that I am, I bought it anyways.  I wore it to work yesterday with my BDG button up denim, black jeans and combat boots, pictured above, post-work with my Reason Clothing snap back.  It’s still raining in Miami.  Conveniently, my director is French and translated.  Wouldn’t you know it.  For those of you that also do not speak French, it says “this is not a t-shirt.”  Lies, this is most definitely a t-shirt.  When in Rome, or… France, or Miami, whatever, lies.

Fortunately, I speak sarcasm, fluently.  Now, I should probably go about looking how to respond accordingly in French, because I am no liar.  Besides, by definition a t-shirt is named for it’s shape and… nevermind who am I fooling?  Honesty and sarcasm, that’s all I got.

xo Rae