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1989 called….

1989b1989a  1989c 1989d

and said, “I’m baaaaaack!  You thought you could get away with just that oversized cat sweatshirt?!  Do you know how many super cool sweatshirts your Mom dressed you in during my reign?!  You are sorely mistaken – not now, not ever!  How could you leave the other wicked rad one on in the store?”

To which I replied, “ya know what, 1989, you don’t even know what this means but, YOLO”, and and upon my return to Macy’s on Sunday, I channeled  my younger self and bought the brightly colored, salmon Alternative Apparel sweatshirt that I had initially left behind.  No, this wasn’t 1997 that called and suggested hoodies, this is full on, Children’s Place, Osh Kosh, Yogi Bear and Boo-boo (I know you see it) type of sweatshirts – no hood.

alternative apparel salmon sweatshirt

The sweatshirt was marked down 40% from $48 to $28.80.  I plan to pair it primarily with all things destroyed denim and will be packing it for my upcoming MDW NY trip for some cool spring nights!

(emoji hearts, smiley faces, stars, planes, happy hands and exclamation points)

xo Rae