Daily Archives: May 21, 2013

bar III sweetheart tee instagram

it was like, James Dean, for sure

Blue jeans, white shirt,  Americana to the fullest.  Thank you Lana for providing the soundtrack to drown out this stormy Monday afternoon.

I found the most perfect white tee yesterday.  With a sweetheart seam, just long enough to be tucked into my blue jeans and light enough for Miami’s summer sticky, it’s a great shirt.

I wore it with my favorite jeans and combat boots, complimented by my darkest tan of the year (you can’t tell?) and super straight hair.  Yea, take that Monday. Call me, Lana.

I always need to pick up basic tops and I always fail. But who wants basic?  Not me.  The bar III tee was marked down 40% from $39.99 to $23.40.

bar III sweetheart white tee


I’m being brainwashed by Miami and clearly forgot simplicity of a white tee and jeans, but today brought it back, just in time to runaway to New York.

xo Rae

“You just need to remember.  I will love you till the end of time.” – Lana Del Rey