Daily Archives: May 17, 2013

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From 1500 miles away, I see my younger cousin tweet she wants ice cream.  Having spoken to my mom, I knew that she too, would probably love some ice cream.  So I tweet her – CALL MY MOM.  I have now set up an evening of shopping and ice cream between my cousin and mom from 1500 miles away.  And now I’m jealous!

Vanilla ice creams with strawberry dip.  Does Miami even have anything besides Fro-yo spots?  For the love of God, I just want an ice cream cone.  To make matters worse, they go shopping together.  HEY GUYS – WHAT ABOUT ME?!

In all reality, I’m really happy they got to spend the evening together, I’m only a little jealous.  I mean, my mom is where I learned all my shopping habits and it seems we are influencing the younger generation of Wittes.

However, Becky added an entirely new dynamic to the game.  They started their excursion (post ice cream cone) at Plato’s Closet.  Beck was going to sell some items she didn’t wear.  From what I understand their target is a little younger than me but we all have our H&M, Forever 21 items that have been worn once and since been in buried in the bottom drawer of our dresser.  She sold 25 little items consisting of necklaces, maxi skirts and sandals and got back $55.

Michael Kors tote

Then she spotted it. This Michael Kors metallic tote was for sale.  It is still available for a retail price of $248.  With the money she just made back, she spent $5.  The bag was only $60!  She paid 2% of the retail cost!

So proud! And so jealous they got to spend time with each other!

xo Rae