Daily Archives: May 16, 2013

bar III cat sweater


Paycheck and tax return within 48 hours of each other and I hadn’t stopped at the mall in the past 2 weekends.   Further, I was making a stop at Laurenzo’s Italian-American Market which is close to the mall.  What I mean by close is, I was closer to the mall than my house by about 15 blocks.

However, I played it safe and only left with two things.  This, believe it or not, being the more logical of the two.

I swear, I have been trying to step outside my box, for the love of God I have light purple toenails right now.  But I’ve also been attempting to buy prints or less plain tees.  Additionally, I saw a blogger talking 90s trends and suggesting to “oversize it” occasionally.

bar III cat sweater

Well, there is a cat on it, but as my loves for neutrals is strong, I couldn’t stray.  I picked up this bar III sweatshirt at Macy’s for only $24 from $69 and I’m wearing it to work today with some ripped denim jeans.  The shoes will be a game time decision, weather pending.

The kitty is kind of smiling, then again, it is a really weird looking cat.  Is it even a cat?  Could this potentially be the future of ugly sweater parties?!  The more I think about this, the weirder it gets.  It seemed like a good idea at the time and whatever, I love it.  Get weird.

xo Rae