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silence and noise urban outfitters open fron cardigan joa and me

something to do when there’s nothing to do

Delayed flights always end in spending extra cash.  If I’m delayed, I usually hit the airport bar.  This time however, my visitor was late.  My cousin’s flight was not just delayed, they were rerouted from Fort Lauderdale airport to Tampa with no exact take off time due to severe thunderstorms over Broward and Dade Counties.

I went from planning to take off from work a little early to having hours of time to kill, in wet weather.  Naturally, I headed to the mall, on the way to the airport.  Conveniently, this may be my favorite thing to do when there’s nothing to do.

After trying on a plethora of things, I settled on one silky, drape front, open cardigan from Silence & Noise.  It was marked down from $59.99 to $39.99.  I really wasn’t that sold on this price.  I like it for sure but this impromptu trip wasn’t supposed take the place of any evening worth of cab rides or a dinner.  So mid-redressing in my finest rainy weather gear, jeans, combat boots and my snap back, I looked up the piece online. It was listed at $29.99 – done.

When I got to the register I showed them the online price, they double checked it and gave me the lower, online price.  I saved $30 making the cardigan about 50% off.

silence and noise urban outfitters open front cardigan

I had initially wanted to pair it with black textured denim to go out one night during Joa’s visit.  Instead a last minute phone call that went a little something like, “hey, can you meet me in an hour? we’re going out on a boat for the afternoon”,”umm, yes”, turned into the best opportunity to wear it with my American Apparel bikini and for a perfect Cinco De Mayo.

xo Rae

silence and noise urban outfitters open fron cardigan joa and me2