Daily Archives: May 2, 2013

aldo canvas hi-tops sneakers2

what not to do… well, as long as it isn’t frequently

A couple weeks ago, during every free second outside of work I was looking for a necklace to wear to the LLS Champions of Hope Gala.  At lunch one afternoon, I opted to run down to Dolphin Mall.  In an effort to avoid evening traffic and not get lost in there, I went in with a game plan.

BCBG, Aldo, Saks off 5th and the Bloomies outlet was the goal.  Fail, on all fronts.  No necklace.  And I failed with the plan.  The plan was to get in, get through those stores and get out, pronto.  Nope, not happening.

However, I mean, depending how you look at it, I did pick up a pair of sneakers and I have been trying to find a pair for a couple weeks.  Justification?  Perhaps.  Worth it?  Totally.  Unfortunately, they were not quite appropriate for the gala.  Whatever.

Aldo canvas hi-tops sneakers


They were in the outlet but I don’t know if they were discounted.  And to be quite honest, I did not care.  I paid $65 for them and I love them.  The end.

xo Rae