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bar III french t-shirt

tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Men that speak a foreign language, dreamy right?  Ehh, perhaps to some that are probably also obsessed with the infamous Christian Grey.  I’m unimpressed, possibly a little jaded and very confident you probably don’t want my honest opinion on those of you that read through the 50 Shades series as though your lives depended on it.  Because, realistically who really wants to know the truth?  We hear it everyday – the truth, the realest, so I know that it’s real, “if I didn’t do this, then I wouldn’t feel that”… blah, blah, blah.  Save it.  Sugarcoat it, stick a pretty little bow on it and hand it over, because that’s the easiest thing to do, right?  If you absolutely must do it,  for the love of God get away with it.

As I have previously mentioned, I consistently fail at bringing home casual t-shirts and in my latest plight for the softest ever, I’ve come across some greats.  Perhaps not the softest ever (when I say perhaps, I’m sugarcoating, definitely, not the softest), but I love them still.  Aside from the sweetheart seamed, white tee, I picked up another bar III top.  Neutral, check. Lightweight, check.  Nice fit, check.  On sale, obviously, it’s a t-shirt and with some magical combination of Macy’s discounts it was marked down from $39 to $18.

bar III french t-shirt

So, as we can see, it says “ceci n’est pas un t-shirt” and as the non-French speaking American that I am, I bought it anyways.  I wore it to work yesterday with my BDG button up denim, black jeans and combat boots, pictured above, post-work with my Reason Clothing snap back.  It’s still raining in Miami.  Conveniently, my director is French and translated.  Wouldn’t you know it.  For those of you that also do not speak French, it says “this is not a t-shirt.”  Lies, this is most definitely a t-shirt.  When in Rome, or… France, or Miami, whatever, lies.

Fortunately, I speak sarcasm, fluently.  Now, I should probably go about looking how to respond accordingly in French, because I am no liar.  Besides, by definition a t-shirt is named for it’s shape and… nevermind who am I fooling?  Honesty and sarcasm, that’s all I got.

xo Rae

nasty gal missing piece top cut out matty becco ny

Holier than thou

Although, I’ve been on their email list forever, I recently made my first purchases from  Shockingly, I bought two backless tops, one black and the other white, weird, I know.  I packed (and wore) both in NY over this Memorial Day Weekend.  Unexpectedly, nearly frigid temps rendered the majority of the contents of my suitcase irrelevant.  So, I did some emergency shopping and picked up a new jacket a Zara, full price but honestly, it was absolutely necessary.  During the day I wore a men’s sweater over my denim button and with this tactic not being a plausible option for evening, the jacket had to happen, ESPECIALLY to wear with this top.



photo from

The Missing Pieces, Nasty Gal shirt was originally $48.  I ordered it on sale for $36.  It was the perfect option for under my new jacket to dinner with the boys in Hell’s Kitchen and then to meet friends at Catch in Meatpacking.  I wore it with my high-waisted Carmar skinnies and none other than one of my favorite blog purchases to date, my Stuart Weitzman boots.

nasty gal missing piece top cut out matty becco ny


nastygal missing pieces catch nyc

True to form, I ended up in all black everything,  but I totally blame the weather.  By blame I mean, thank you God another reason to throw on the leather and boots before summer makes it impossible.

xo Rae



1989 called….

1989b1989a  1989c 1989d

and said, “I’m baaaaaack!  You thought you could get away with just that oversized cat sweatshirt?!  Do you know how many super cool sweatshirts your Mom dressed you in during my reign?!  You are sorely mistaken – not now, not ever!  How could you leave the other wicked rad one on in the store?”

To which I replied, “ya know what, 1989, you don’t even know what this means but, YOLO”, and and upon my return to Macy’s on Sunday, I channeled  my younger self and bought the brightly colored, salmon Alternative Apparel sweatshirt that I had initially left behind.  No, this wasn’t 1997 that called and suggested hoodies, this is full on, Children’s Place, Osh Kosh, Yogi Bear and Boo-boo (I know you see it) type of sweatshirts – no hood.

alternative apparel salmon sweatshirt

The sweatshirt was marked down 40% from $48 to $28.80.  I plan to pair it primarily with all things destroyed denim and will be packing it for my upcoming MDW NY trip for some cool spring nights!

(emoji hearts, smiley faces, stars, planes, happy hands and exclamation points)

xo Rae

bar III sweetheart tee instagram

it was like, James Dean, for sure

Blue jeans, white shirt,  Americana to the fullest.  Thank you Lana for providing the soundtrack to drown out this stormy Monday afternoon.

I found the most perfect white tee yesterday.  With a sweetheart seam, just long enough to be tucked into my blue jeans and light enough for Miami’s summer sticky, it’s a great shirt.

I wore it with my favorite jeans and combat boots, complimented by my darkest tan of the year (you can’t tell?) and super straight hair.  Yea, take that Monday. Call me, Lana.

I always need to pick up basic tops and I always fail. But who wants basic?  Not me.  The bar III tee was marked down 40% from $39.99 to $23.40.

bar III sweetheart white tee


I’m being brainwashed by Miami and clearly forgot simplicity of a white tee and jeans, but today brought it back, just in time to runaway to New York.

xo Rae

“You just need to remember.  I will love you till the end of time.” – Lana Del Rey  

photo (40)


From 1500 miles away, I see my younger cousin tweet she wants ice cream.  Having spoken to my mom, I knew that she too, would probably love some ice cream.  So I tweet her – CALL MY MOM.  I have now set up an evening of shopping and ice cream between my cousin and mom from 1500 miles away.  And now I’m jealous!

Vanilla ice creams with strawberry dip.  Does Miami even have anything besides Fro-yo spots?  For the love of God, I just want an ice cream cone.  To make matters worse, they go shopping together.  HEY GUYS – WHAT ABOUT ME?!

In all reality, I’m really happy they got to spend the evening together, I’m only a little jealous.  I mean, my mom is where I learned all my shopping habits and it seems we are influencing the younger generation of Wittes.

However, Becky added an entirely new dynamic to the game.  They started their excursion (post ice cream cone) at Plato’s Closet.  Beck was going to sell some items she didn’t wear.  From what I understand their target is a little younger than me but we all have our H&M, Forever 21 items that have been worn once and since been in buried in the bottom drawer of our dresser.  She sold 25 little items consisting of necklaces, maxi skirts and sandals and got back $55.

Michael Kors tote

Then she spotted it. This Michael Kors metallic tote was for sale.  It is still available for a retail price of $248.  With the money she just made back, she spent $5.  The bag was only $60!  She paid 2% of the retail cost!

So proud! And so jealous they got to spend time with each other!

xo Rae

bar III cat sweater


Paycheck and tax return within 48 hours of each other and I hadn’t stopped at the mall in the past 2 weekends.   Further, I was making a stop at Laurenzo’s Italian-American Market which is close to the mall.  What I mean by close is, I was closer to the mall than my house by about 15 blocks.

However, I played it safe and only left with two things.  This, believe it or not, being the more logical of the two.

I swear, I have been trying to step outside my box, for the love of God I have light purple toenails right now.  But I’ve also been attempting to buy prints or less plain tees.  Additionally, I saw a blogger talking 90s trends and suggesting to “oversize it” occasionally.

bar III cat sweater

Well, there is a cat on it, but as my loves for neutrals is strong, I couldn’t stray.  I picked up this bar III sweatshirt at Macy’s for only $24 from $69 and I’m wearing it to work today with some ripped denim jeans.  The shoes will be a game time decision, weather pending.

The kitty is kind of smiling, then again, it is a really weird looking cat.  Is it even a cat?  Could this potentially be the future of ugly sweater parties?!  The more I think about this, the weirder it gets.  It seemed like a good idea at the time and whatever, I love it.  Get weird.

xo Rae

BCBGeneration floral print ruffle shorts BDG denim shirt

easy like Sunday morning

Or in reality one of the more difficult Saturday afternoons.  What one may refer to as #thestruggle, the day after my 28th (whoa) birthday in all sense of the phrase, the literal struggle.  Not only was it the Saturday after a champagne fueled birthday celebration, this was the first Saturday without any visitors in town.  I honestly loved having friends and family in all month during April but THANK GOD this day had finally come.

The ONLY thing on my agenda was to get to the nail salon.  Tough life, I know.  Pedicure and iPad, please.  In an attempt to mask how I was feeling realistically, I thought if I could pull my look together, I would feel better.  Long shot, here we go.  So out of the depths of my closet, buried among the distressed denim, high-waisted shorts I live in.  I found victory.

BCBGeneration floral print ruffle shorts BDG denim shirt

I picked up these BCBGeneration floral, ruffled shorts last year right around this time, pre-MDW.  They were originally $78 and I grabbed them for $32 at Macy’s.  And to complete this extremely comfortable look, I wore my BDG denim, my Steve Madden sandals, my D&G sunglasses (complete necessity), some cheap/fun Forever21 rings and my Milly bag.

I saved about 60% on the shorts.  The total of the outfit would have been $841.98 and I paid $376, about a 55% savings total.

xo Rae


silence and noise urban outfitters open fron cardigan joa and me

something to do when there’s nothing to do

Delayed flights always end in spending extra cash.  If I’m delayed, I usually hit the airport bar.  This time however, my visitor was late.  My cousin’s flight was not just delayed, they were rerouted from Fort Lauderdale airport to Tampa with no exact take off time due to severe thunderstorms over Broward and Dade Counties.

I went from planning to take off from work a little early to having hours of time to kill, in wet weather.  Naturally, I headed to the mall, on the way to the airport.  Conveniently, this may be my favorite thing to do when there’s nothing to do.

After trying on a plethora of things, I settled on one silky, drape front, open cardigan from Silence & Noise.  It was marked down from $59.99 to $39.99.  I really wasn’t that sold on this price.  I like it for sure but this impromptu trip wasn’t supposed take the place of any evening worth of cab rides or a dinner.  So mid-redressing in my finest rainy weather gear, jeans, combat boots and my snap back, I looked up the piece online. It was listed at $29.99 – done.

When I got to the register I showed them the online price, they double checked it and gave me the lower, online price.  I saved $30 making the cardigan about 50% off.

silence and noise urban outfitters open front cardigan

I had initially wanted to pair it with black textured denim to go out one night during Joa’s visit.  Instead a last minute phone call that went a little something like, “hey, can you meet me in an hour? we’re going out on a boat for the afternoon”,”umm, yes”, turned into the best opportunity to wear it with my American Apparel bikini and for a perfect Cinco De Mayo.

xo Rae

silence and noise urban outfitters open fron cardigan joa and me2

romper liv

mixed emotions

My bank account seems to have taken some unplanned, additional hits in the midst of looking for an outfit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Gala.  I  picked up what I initially thought was a beautiful, silky, emerald green BCBG dress and took it to the dressing room.

It was a romper.  Not for nothing, this was a colossal letdown.  However, I was already in the dressing room, had romper’s tie belt properly situated so… why not?  It’s kind of the same idea as a bodysuit right?  All one piece?  That’s what I told myself because I just don’t love rompers.  Miraculously, it actually fit correctly which is very unlikely.

romper tweets

Although, inappropriate for the gala, the price tag didn’t really allow for me to walk away from this.  From originally $98, Loehmann’s  had it priced at $44 and then they tacked on an additional 25 percent off, making the final price $33.  Definitely, no walking away from that.  It as a great opportunity to try something  new that I normally wouldn’t buy.  And, there are entrees in mediocre restaurants that cost more than that!  I managed a 66% discount.

romper liv

I then wore it with my Rebecca Minkoff, Bombshell shoes and House of Harlow earrings (some of the earliest posts) last Friday to LIV while my cousin was in town visiting.  Honestly, it felt great but I still am not entirely sold on the idea of rompers and that’s ok because I got it for such a great price!

xo Rae



aldo canvas hi-tops sneakers2

what not to do… well, as long as it isn’t frequently

A couple weeks ago, during every free second outside of work I was looking for a necklace to wear to the LLS Champions of Hope Gala.  At lunch one afternoon, I opted to run down to Dolphin Mall.  In an effort to avoid evening traffic and not get lost in there, I went in with a game plan.

BCBG, Aldo, Saks off 5th and the Bloomies outlet was the goal.  Fail, on all fronts.  No necklace.  And I failed with the plan.  The plan was to get in, get through those stores and get out, pronto.  Nope, not happening.

However, I mean, depending how you look at it, I did pick up a pair of sneakers and I have been trying to find a pair for a couple weeks.  Justification?  Perhaps.  Worth it?  Totally.  Unfortunately, they were not quite appropriate for the gala.  Whatever.

Aldo canvas hi-tops sneakers


They were in the outlet but I don’t know if they were discounted.  And to be quite honest, I did not care.  I paid $65 for them and I love them.  The end.

xo Rae