Daily Archives: April 24, 2013

tresics blush pink tulip bottom dress


IMPOSSIBLE.  Or could it be?  I headed out on a Friday evening wearing no black.  Who am I?  In reality, I was a little unsure of where this night would take me.  I had plans but also had a big Saturday ahead of me and had a bunch of separate groups of friends in town.  My look needed to be versatile, by Miami standards, and I wasn’t staying out that late so I was aiming for something a smidgen more low-key.  That point seem to have gone out the window with this rather SERIOUS selfie, but provided the constant jumping between my friends’ hotel, SLS, FDR and back to SLS accompanied with some serious humidity and light rain we encountered, pics from throughout the evening were less than stellar.

tresics blush pink tulip bottom dress

I picked up this very versatile, blush/champagne Tresics dress with the other two at Loehmann’s also discounted from the original price of $46 down to $20, then with special spring promotional sales I paid $13.50, just like the other two.

This dress… two thumbs up with a wide eye emoji.  It was almost dangerously sexy with the South Beach breeze and tulip bottom but exactly like the other two – SUPER SOFT.  I definitely highly recommend Tresics dresses.

xo Rae