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occasionally you have to wear clothes in Miami

Holy humidity.  What was I thinking with all the boots, jackets and non-summer clothes?  Well, I know what I was thinking and that’s neither here nor there.  All I know is it’s HOT and I am not ready for summer.  “It’s always summer in Miami,” no guys stop, give it up.  Summer is an ENTIRELY different level of sticky, hotness and it’s late this year.  Normally, by March we’re there.  Fortunately, we weren’t until this week when the 80% plus humidity settled in, the thunderstorms rolled through and a couple local friends wound up with sunburns.

As I attempted to merely put on clothes, not look nice, not look put together, simply not leave the house naked, I became very frustrated with my summer selection.  By frustrated and selection I mean… did I wear clothes last summer and if I did, where are they?  I know I said my friend told me people don’t wear clothes in Miami, but reality is, occasionally you have to.

After a stop at the new Loehmann’s earlier in the week when I really was in no mood to be shopping, I did catch that they were having a 25% spring sale promotion.  Goldmine.  Done.  I’m in there.

Now, I’ve already made it clear that I will buy duplicates (or more) in different colors if I love something.  I snagged two of these dresses, gray and salmon.  They feel like the most perfect, soft, stretchy, cottony dream I’ve had against my skin in a long time.  Like your favorite t-shirt or pjs for public.

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Each of these Tresics dresses were  priced at $20 from $46, minus 25% for the sale with an additional 10% off the total for being a Loehmann’s member so before tax I paid $27 for both.

If there were more colors, I would’ve bought them.  They are so soft, versatile and AFFORDABLE.  Now, what else should I add to my summer wardrobe?

xo Rae