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wood tavern

I can’t go for that, no… no can do

Actually, yes the hell I can.  Looking back on last Friday, I found that quote was the evening ending tweet after the Hall and Oates song finished, around midnight, as I walked out of one of my new favorite spots, Wood Tavern in Wynwood.

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Happy hour lasts until 8pm which automatically makes me more apt to return… frequently.  Due to my commute, I rarely make it anywhere to meet friends after work.  Conveniently, for my first time I made it there by about 6pm.  Upon walking in, the bartender informed us, EVERYTHING was half off.  So on this Friday evening with the temperature dropping into the very comfortable high 60s, I opted for the new Jack Daniel’s, Tennessee Honey and ginger ale.

In the lot behind the main bar strangers, friends and pets are all relaxing at picnic tables tattooed with writing and graffiti.  There’s another bar and the most perfect food stand featuring sliders, tacos and quesadillas.  By 7:45pm, as the sun was setting, my friend Val and I had ordered our quesadilla with mushrooms as someone announced they had “just ordered 14 sliders” and not to go anywhere.  I mean at $2 a piece, who am I am to turn down a little bite sized burger to go with my half a quesdilla?

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Although the fantastic happy hour prices ended by 8pm, I did not close my tab until about 9pm.  Each of my drinks were originally $8, which is nice by Miami standards but the reality of the situation is they only cost my $4 each making my tab $16 (plus tax).  I knew all of this in advance and it was still shocking to see such a low tab.  I saved 50% or $16 before tip.

Magically, somehow, I did not walk out of Wood Tavern, like I said earlier, until nearly midnight.  Most happy hours seem more like an opportunity to wind down, decompress, catch up, grab a bite and call it a night but at Wood Tavern last week, I had fun, a lot of fun.   Or,  I may or may not have just spent the entire time instagramming everything in sight.  Regardless, I definitely can go for more future Fridays at Wood.  And if anyone gets really ambitious they have their own version of Taco Tuesdays with free tacos.

F R E E T A C O S – next week, who’s down?

xo Rae

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