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LLS mug

genius or pure laziness

I get free coffee in my office everyday, normal large pot-brewed, hot coffee.  You and I both know people don’t appreciate free.  It’s also mind boggling how ungrateful people can be to actually complain about something they obtain for free.  I’m not guilt-free in this either, we all do it.

My co-workers and I sit farthest from the kitchen and after a (thankfully) short period of bitching and laziness, we identified our “problem” and took action to fix it.   We got a Keurig on our side of the office and all started bringing in our own personal supply in K-Cups.  Wicked smart right?  Let’s pay for coffee so we don’t have to walk far or wait and to give us variety through the day.  This let’s me have a Colombian blend in the morning and a caramel one in the afternoon.  Genius.

LLS mug

I suppose it’s better than shelling out the $5 for Starbucks everyday.  So, to discount this additional cost we have all inflicted on ourselves, my co-worker Diana came in with some great news yesterday.  At Bed, Bath and Beyond she picked up a 60 cup variety pack with a coupon, of course.  She received it in the mail but you can also sign up for the email list on the bottom of this page.  With the coupon, she paid $31.99 instead of the original cost of $39.99.  This puts each cup of coffee just over .50 cents each.  I can live with that.

It may come down to wanting options but with advances in technology, “first world problems” increase and make room for more gadgets that will continue to breed the desire for selfish, instant gratification with little work required.   Are we becoming increasingly lazy or merely working smarter?

Whatever, I need more coffee, I’m out of K-Cups and I have to trek all the way to the kitchen.  Meh…

xo Rae

matisse boots

do I really need to justify buying more boots at this point?

Houston, er… um… South Florida, we have a problem.  We. Just. Love. Boots.  I stopped at the LF sale again today, since it is still going on but mainly because as I was scrolling through my timeline, I came across some incredible savings picked up at LF over the weekend.  Yes, it is one of my friends and yes she bought another pair of boots.  She may actually have more pairs of boots on my blog than me… I’ll have to check?


Adrienne got another pair of boots but honestly with a price like this and the fact that boots last longer in Florida, she literally could not turn these down.  Like I’ve said before, I always try to get staple, basic items for good prices like the boots I picked up at the LF sale but when you can pick up a statement piece I barely think twice about it.  With that being said, let’s talk about these boots.

matisse boots

Cowboy-esque, ankle boots covered in studs just to let people know you aren’t exactly a southern belle, sweetheart.  The LF sale boasts 60% off everything in the store, but as the weeks go on some things get marked down further.  At $48 from $286 these Matisse booties were about 83% off, saving $238.

I just bought jeans last night, which will be on the blog but if you see a tweet, text, overhear a conversation that I even mention LF in, please stop me.  We all know I’ll end up with another pair of boots.

xo Rae



February Inventory

I just don’t do well with short things.  Short weekends, short men, short months – I’m just not interested.  You’re just not for me.

February, essentially you just let March sneak up on me.  And your inconsistency?  It kills me.  Is it not enough you get to be short but then you also feel the need to mix it up every four years and take an extra day.  I don’t know who you think you are.

With that being said, here is February’s recap, five days into March.

Purchase Original Actual
AQUA tribal print tunic $78 $17
Rachel Roy, The Manhattan Dress $120 $44
Steve Madden sandals $69 $55
American Apparel black crop $24 $24
American Apparel bikini $58 $0
Ecote kimono robe $69 $19
Abas oversized clutch* $130 $50
Kelsi Dagger pink suede flats  $100 $29.99
My Theorie Valentine’s event $48 $3
Firth long sleeve yellow dress $168 $39.99
Gilt City Raid the Warehouse ticket $15 $15
OnJuice one day cleanse  $75 $0
Brynn UGG boots $279 $159.99
Guess fur vest $138 $37
Sushi at Machiya Midtown $53 $34

The total of all the items on the blog in the month of February would’ve been $1424.  Only $528 was spent, saving a total of about 63%.

Take that short month.

xo Rae

sunrise guess vest