Daily Archives: March 19, 2013

beach becks crop


Entertaining visitors never gets old for me.  I really to love having my friends fly in on weekends.  However, this particularly mild March we are having has been bringing me out to the beach on days that I normally might have opted otherwise.

The water is cold.

It’s not even 80.

Partly cloudy?!  Ugh.


While everyone in the northeast is getting more snow as I type this, I am reminded of how grateful I am for our weather and how those that grew up here simply will never understand how good they have it.  Those of us who didn’t grow up here, mustn’t forget 75 is still warm enough to hit the beach and to embrace the cool breeze because come July we will be wishing for it.

On Saturday, the high was only like 76 as we set out to combat the UMF traffic and get a spot on the beach with our visitors.  Being that the music festival brings an influx of tourists, running back to my house midday wasn’t really an option.  In an effort to be a little more prepared for what our day would involve, I opted to wear my cut off Levi’s (obviously), bring my Tahari skirt (in case it cooled down and we decide to walk around), wear my black AA bikini and wear my new three quarter sleeve crop from UO.

I had been looking for a crop specifically to wear with my variety of high waisted shorts, maxis and jeans and it seemed appropriate to break it out.  I even got the opportunity to take this silly South Beach inspired selfie in the lobby at the Shelbourne, where some friends were staying, specifically for this post, fancy huh?

lucca couture crop

The crop was originally $39.99 and I got it on sale for $15 or about 62%off.  After wearing it with the shorts to the beach and with a maxi later for an impromptu trip to the mall, I am extra pleased with my purchase.  If you’re interested,  considering I just picked this up last week, it should still be available in stores or online.

xo Rae