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tahari maxi skirt

i need a chaperone


Hi my name is Rae and I can’t stop buying black clothes and on the rare occasion I buy something that isn’t black, its white and maybe even some fun, neutral brown.

But really it’s becoming a problem.  I am going to melt in this Miami heat.

Sunday evening, after a fantastic day with my little Miami family on the beach at 5th Street, I checked out the TJ Maxx over there for the first time.  To my surprise, they carry some serious brands, a la Tory Burch and Fendi, sooo, there’s that.

I’d worn this great flowing red maxi skirt that I picked up in during a Key West trip before I even moved to Miami the day before and decided I was really interested in picking up another for the summertime.  With my particularly long legs, this usually means an annoyingly long search before finding something worth buying.  Not this time.

I picked up this Tahari black maxi skirt.  Although a brand I’ve never owned anything but a random pair of shoes from, the skirt is extra long, has POCKETS (awesome) and runs a little big so I ended up with an XS, which is honestly how it probably ended up in TJ Maxx to begin with.

tahari maxi skirt


I paid $39.99 for the skirt that was originally $80, so I saved 50%.  I am positive people can find them for cheaper but the length, quality and pocket combo made this impossible to pass up.  Oh, and it’s black. Duh.

xo Rae


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